JaxKelly Trunk Show "Rocks" San Diego's Pigment

In case you haven't already noticed or were too busy picking out your favorites from the photos below, the pun in the title was totally intended.  Like I'd ever accidentally make that kind of mistake.

The truth of the matter is that when I'm presented with the opportunity to not only shop but to do so while consuming a plastic cup or two of California wine, I can't help myself.  I get a little giddy.  For as long as Pigment has been around Northpark (which I've learned is just about seven years), I've been a frequent stalker.  Greeting cards, odd gifts, wonderfully awesome succulent filled terrariums - Pigment has been my go-to and not just because they are within a short walking distance from my house. Although that certainly doesn't hurt.  What I really love the most about Pigment is that they support the craftspeople of San Diego, hosting trunk shows and numerous other events showcasing the wares and products made within our own 374.2 square mile county.   

Which is exactly what they did on December 6th, showcasing the wares of jewelry artisan JaxKelly.

Obviously JaxKelly isn't her real name (although that would be pretty darned cool if it were) and, instead, an amalgamation of her first name and the name of her nephew.  Nonetheless, her work rocks.  Or, more adequately, is made of rocks.  Rocks like Howlite, Druzy Quartz, Pyrite, and Kyanite become the foundation for her simple, yet highly symbolic, handmade studs.  The wonderfully dark and moody Black Druzy Quartz used in some of her limited edition studs are believed to energize and stabilize both the body and aura, promoting creativity, perfect for all of use writers out there.  The retro Pyrite, which actually made it into my own stocking this year, is said to be a wonderful energy shield, blocking out negativity from various sources.

I hope they work.

Each pair is entirely unique, no two stones the same (even Kelly says the stones are sisters, not twins) and made right here in San Diego.  Personally, I love that, as a male with very few options for bedazzlement lest I look like I'm trying to hard to channel The Situation and Mr. T, many of her stud pairs are diminutive and would be a great complement not only to those suit and tie days (try Turquoise, it brings good fortune) but also those blazer and jeans (Amazonite here as it provides the freedom to express one's thoughts and feelings) as well as the "I'm not taking off my sweatpants" afternoons. And, of course, they're quite suitable for women's wear as well.

Needless to say, come 2015 you'll see me "rocking" a pair or two whenever you see me on the trade show floor. Though I may need a few more pair if I'm going to complement the many colors of H&M jeans that all of you readers expect me to don for the show scene. 

Looking to pick up a pair or two before Christmas or the celebrations of New Years?  Pigment continuously stocks a wide selection of JaxKelly's studs and candles.  Be sure to stop in and do let me know which pair You've chosen for Your ears!

JaxKelly on Etsy | www.etsy.com/shop/jaxkelly

Pigment | www.shoppigment.com
3801 30th Street, San Diego

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New #Luxury Product Spotlight: Week of Dec. 15th

Weekly my inbox fills with notice of great new products being introduced to the market.  And as much as I'd like to devote space in our quarterly magazine theTwentySIX, there just isn't enough space.  The result?  Every week check this spot for the newest product introductions.  And if you'd like to see your product here... make sure to email me the press release and necessary photos.

Illusions Collection in Red Lake by New Ravenna

Image courtesy New Ravenna

Image courtesy New Ravenna

Image courtesy New Ravenna

Image courtesy New Ravenna

This past week Pantone released to the wild their selection for color of the year, Marsala.  Reviews from the design community couldn't have been more mixed many agreeing that it could work in the right application.  New Ravenna, whose Sara Baldwin continues to produce spectacular mosaic designs like the Aurora Collection featured in our Round-Up the week of Nov. 11th, might just have stumbled upon that application.  Using her newly released Illusions Collection, she's paired Red Lake red marble from Turkey with Afyon White and Horizon in the Euclid and Francois patterns resulting in a modern update to a classic pattern.

Qrio Smart Lock from Sony

Although Smart-Locks are certainly available in the United States in many forms, Sony has released via Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake furthers the concept of the internet-connected lock by allowing users to share encrypted "keys" via their mobile phones with friends and family giving them access to the Qrio controlled entrance.  Retailing for approximately $126.00, the Qrio can be installed without professional help (read: DIY) and includes batteries noted to last up to 3 years.
Via Makuake (note: page is in Japanese)

Boutique Collection Counter Sink from MTI Baths

Image courtesy MTI Baths

Image courtesy MTI Baths

MTI Baths once again expands on their engineered solid stone counter + sink line, the Boutique Collection featured in our Nov. 3rd Round-Up, by leaving the bathroom and, instead, tacking the ubiquitous wet bar.  Utilizing the same single piece application and integrated sink as the rest of the line, the Counter-Sink provides a functional solution and compact sink to any entertainment space. Fully customizable and available in any number of colors, the Counter-Sink could serve not only wet-bar applications but also bedroom coffee bars and hotel kitchenettes. 

Oceanside Collection of Cabinetry from Wood-Mode

With the newest addition to their semi-custom cabinetry collections, Wood-Mode channels the coastal lifestyle in the streamlined and contemporary yet hyper functional  Oceanside.  The collection's simple Shaker-esque meets 90's Modern cabinetry fronts hide the utmost in organizational features.  From Knife and Cutlery drawers, Wood-Mode's patented Glass Drawer, to the electrically operated Servo-Drive lift system, Oceanside embodies the quality craftsmanship we've come to expect from the nation's largest manufacturer of Luxury cabinetry while giving the home-owner functionality perfect for an active lifestyle.

Wilshire Oval & Presley Undermount Sinks from St. Thomas Creations

Presley rectangular lavatory,  courtesy St. Thomas Creations

Presley rectangular lavatory,  courtesy St. Thomas Creations

Wilshire oval lavatory, courtesy St. Thomas Creations

Wilshire oval lavatory, courtesy St. Thomas Creations

Expanding on the capabilities of two of their existing bathroom suites, St. Thomas Creations unveils two new undermount sinks.  Both made of vitreous china and featuring the anti-microbial MicroGlaze, the oval Wilshire lavatory and rectangular Presley lavatory are designed to be integrated into any bathroom environment with clean fluid lines and classic styling.  The new undercounter lavatories are available in either white or balsa and start at $130 for the Wilshire and $197 for the Presley.

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The Last #DesignLUX of 2014 - We Join #TecHomeTalk for Technological Luxuries & CES

In just over two weeks we'll be calling the year 2014 quits and welcoming in the fresh, un-tarnished 2015.  It seems like it was just yesterday that we were having our first #DesignLUX of the new year - Luxury Resolutions if I remember correctly (my mind just isn't what it used to be).  Since the team here at DCoopMedia actually get a little time off at year's end to spend doing things like researching features and trends for the upcoming year, cleaning the file drawers, and finally polishing off the last of those liquor samples that have been graciously sent over by so many wonderful PR and Media folks who know just how difficult this job can be sober.

Anyway, since December 18th marks the last #DesignLUX until return again on January 8th, we wanted to have a little fun.  When it comes to Christmas lists there is normally one common thread between them all - electronics.  Who doesn't want a new camera, a Go-Pro, smartphone, the latest home theater system or any number of technological widgets and gizmos?  For me it was a new drone so I could photos from the sky.  This week, we're pairing up with another Thursday chat - #TecHomeTalk - to bring you the latest and greatest in luxury electronics.  From Sony's new 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector (which, by the way, if anyone is looking to get me a $50,000 gift, this will do...) to the text message capabilities of Dacor's new Smart appliance series

All of this happens to be taking place with perfect timing as the Consumer Electronics Show, considered to be the best electronics show in the United States, takes place the first week of January.

Bring your fantasy electronics wishlist this Thursday, December 18th at 1pmPT/4pmET.

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector, Image courtesy Sony

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector, Image courtesy Sony

Neorest Airbath from Toto, image courtesy TotoUSA

Neorest Airbath from Toto, image courtesy TotoUSA

#DesignLUX & #TecHomeTalk | Thursday December 18th, 1pmPT/4pmET

Want to get up close and personal with some of the hottest new electronics introductions?  Visit the CES website below for more information on the show, schedule, and how to attend.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) | Las Vegas, NV | 6-9 January 2015

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Celebrating Gone With the Wind's 75th Birthday with New Orleans' Plantations

During what little downtime I manage to squeeze into my daily routine, I often find myself flipping the channels (all 2000 of them with digital cable) catching in on whatever random movie happens to be airing.  It can't always be about Sex and the City marathons on E!  My favorites, however, is when I turn the channel and find a movie from my youth or a rememorable cult classic.  I'll admit, I may be a sucker for comedies from the 90's.  As If!

The problem, however, is that while reliving my youth I'm confronted with the oh so horrible truth that I'm getting old. To think that many of my favorites are no longer years old but now DECADES old.  Ferris Bueller's Day Off is 28 years old.  The original Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen is 46 years.  And the Bond series has been running for over 52 years.  Feel the wrinkles yet? And today, today happens to be the actual birthday of another movie that is easily considered one of the most important films in cinematography. On this date in 1939, Gone With the Wind was released to the public.

Tara, Scarlett, Rhett and the whole lot of them are now 75 years old.

Tara, the fictional Southern Manse of Scarlett O'Hara

Tara, the fictional Southern Manse of Scarlett O'Hara

The film, for those who may not know or have never seen Gone with the Wind (SHOCK!), focuses on the experiences of Scarlett O'Hara, a spoiled daughter of a plantation owner during the American City War and Reconstruction Era.  As viewed from the perspective of a slaveholder, the fiction based on Margaret Mitchell's 1936 novel, is a coming out story of a woman who must do everything possible, with everything possible to overcome the situation she is in following Sherman's March to the Sea during the Civil War.

To celebrate the birthday of this 20th Century Masterpiece, D'Scoop dug into its archives to our trip to New Orleans in 2013 for the annual Kitchen and Bath Show.  While in Louisiana, we took the opportunity to explore the regions surrounding NOLA including two of the ten most celebrated Plantations in New Orleans - Oak Alley Plantation & Houmas House Plantation. Both are spectacularly restored and stand as remembrances of times past, of Southern decadence, and Confederate pride.

Oak Alley Plantation - Vacherie, LA

Construction on Oak Alley, or Bon Séjur as she was once known, began in 1837 and was completed in 1839.  A thorough restoration by Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Stewart in 1925, a restoration considered one of the finest examples of adaptive restoration (incorporating modern conveniences into a true restoration) has ensured that the legacy of the Jacques Roman family remains just as stately and elegant as the day she was conceived. Although impressive enough is the original manor house, built in the then fashionable Greek Revival style, what truly remains a spectacle is the allée of Live Oaks which stretch from the front entrance to the Mississippi River.  Planted sometime between 1725 and 1750, why they were planted or by whom remains a mystery to the Oak Alley Foundation. The "Big House" and her surrounding grounds are available for tours.

Houmas House Plantation - Darrow, LA

Unlike Oak Alley Plantation, which is today used strictly as a museum, Houmas House Plantation continues to be a active residence for its owners, rebuilt in 1940 after the Great Depression forced the plantation to decay. Though the plantation has been in operation after land settled by the Houmas Indians was developed with sugar fields, the mansion, nicknamed The Crown Jewel of Louisiana's River Road, was started in 1820 by a war hero of the Revolutionary War, and finally completed in 1825 after his daughter took over the property.  The house is filled to the brim with collections curated by the current owners but it was the ormolu clock once owned by a certain now headless French queen (Marie Antoinette) and the multi-floor flying staircases connecting each floor at the main hall. The exterior's faux-stone paint work, original to the property is also a spectacular relic of the Antebellum years.  Houmas House and its grounds are available for tours.

D'Scoop wants to know.... which plantations have you visited and what within them really captured your eye?

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Drool Worth Fireplaces For Wet California Winter

If you haven't been watching the news you may have missed that Southern California with its normally temperate winters is experiencing a number of very heavy storms.  Southern Californians and rain do not mix which means short distance commutes become hours long excursions. Instead, I'd rather be curled up at home in front of my wood burning fireplace enjoying the glow of the orange embers. 

Real estate website TopTenRealEstateDeals.com each week publishes some of the best homes to come on the market each week - celebrity manors and historical edifices to architecturally known properties.  What this means is that each week my in-box is filled with mind-blowing photos of houses in which I'd like to live.  Naturally, with my mindset being in the firebox, I couldn't resist sharing a few of the fabulous examples to come on the market.

John Arnhold Smith House by Cliff May | La Habra, California

A favorite of California industrialists and movie people alike, Cliff May's work could easily be quantified as being the foundation of the modern California ranch style.  His wide open spaces, expanses of natural light and artistically rendered Spanish touches have made his homes less abode and more collectible work of art.  The Kiva in this La Habra home, built in 1936 for banker John Arnholt Smith and his wife is representative of the attention to detail May paid to each project.  Not to mention, it makes for a great spot to warm up on a crisp, California evening.

Top Ten Deals: 9-23-2014

J. C. Morris House | Ketron Island, Washington

If this family room, part of the 1963 J.C. Morris House in Puget Sound feels familiar, it's because it's design is heavily inspired by architect Frank Lloyd Wright's Prarie Style.  With stunning views of Anderson Island and a 1,000 foot beach below the property, the simple, stone fireplace provides a neutral focal point ensuring that the vistas beyond remain the star attraction.

Top Ten Deals: 9-9-2014

Artemesia by Frederick Engstrum | Hollywood Hills, California

Now considered to be the Largest Craftsman Home in the United States, Artemesia is a European styled Craftsman mansion built in 1913 by Frederick Engstrum.  Though it is the originally installed ecological systems such a rainwater collection system, tankless water heaters that fired only when needed and a grey-water system for the garden, it is the massive public spaces that make this home even more spectacular.  The fireplaces?  Each features ornate woodwork and original Batchelder tile surrounds.

Top Ten Deals: 12-9-2014

Tracy Mansion | Brooklyn, New York

Fireplaces which command the full attention of a room are essential in any space where massive scale and importance are present.  The Tracy Mansion, a Brooklyn edifice designed by architect Frank J. Helmle for transportation magnate John Tracy in the early 1900's.  The 9,788 square foot, 100-year old home features stunning architectural details and bronze front doors in addition to the many original fireplaces, each of which are a stunning focal point even with surrounding ornamental details.

Top Ten Deals: 12-9-2014

Historical Twin Silo Farm | Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Photo by Michael Colavita and Steve Davis

Photo by Michael Colavita and Steve Davis

Ceilings of paltry height certainly don't mean that one can't have a fireplace which is both grand but also appropriately scaled for a space.  The dining room of the Twin Silo Farm, built in 1790 as part of a 2nd renovation to expand on the original two-room 1710 farmhouse, features just such a mantle.  Though it's mass occupies most of the wall, the light wood material and green coordinating accents ensure that it is not overpowering to the space. 

Top Ten Deals: 11-4-2014

Skyline Residence by Hagy Belzberg | Los Angeles, California

The fireplace in the Skyline Residence, a contemporary home designed by Hagy Belzberg above the Sunset Strip, is certainly not traditional, not is there any place above for pictures, knick-knacks and the normal clutter seen along a typical mantlepiece.  Instead, the free-floating metal artwork unit suspended in the middle of the room, ensures that its mass doesn't take away from the views beyond yet still remains a focal point; a beacon of warmth.

Top Ten Deals: 11-25-2014

Clark Gable & Carole Lombard Estate | Palm Springs, California

The 1930's and 1940's were popular times for Spanish regency style architecture in Southern California.  Hollywood's elite many of the great California architects of the time to design these expansive open abodes.  Clark Gable, a proverbial playboy, shared this particular ranch with actress Carole Lombard before her death. The fireplace, with it's iron grill-work and minimal tile, remains true to the house in its simplicity.

Top Ten Deals: 12-2-2014

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