I Give Thanks - Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is once again upon us.  Another year, speeding past at light years.  It's amazing how quickly 2014 presented itself and then quickly disappeared.  Tonight (I'm writing Thanksgiving's post the night before....) with my French Gimlet laying in the living room, I can't help but contemplate how different 2014 was from 2013.  So many changes.  So many amazing transformations and transitions.  After practicing for some 14 years as a designer I can't even begin to believe just where I've found myself today. 

And it is because of that transformation that I find myself here, on D'Scoop, giving thanks. Today, I'm THANKFUL. 

I'm thankful that the pains of 2013 have led to the excitements that are 2014.  Not only am I in the midst of doing something new and exciting, but I feel like what I'm doing now is making a difference in the industry.  I'm thankful for all of the great people who join in weekly to celebrate the best of Luxury Design with #DesignLUX.  I'm thankful for the tens of thousands of readers who flip through the pages of theTwentySIX, digesting our road trips, trends, and editorial. I'm thankful for all of our sponsors, supporters, advertisers, and fans; without you I couldn't get up in the morning and do what it is that I now so love to do. 

I'm thankful for all of my friends and family - both new and old - who continue to listen to my stories, share envy of my adventures, and keep me sufficiently liquored up so that I might get up the next morning and continue to be a player in this crazy world of media.  I love that all of you continue to be my sounding board...it isn't all good but it helps to have people just as crazy with whom to share your wild musings.

I'm thankful that even after some of the not so great events of the beginning of the year (health issues being one) that there is a sense of normalcy coming back into my life...as normal as driving Lamborghinis and going to awards shows can be.  One never realizes just how important having that sense of stability can be until it's no longer there.

And most importantly, I'm thankful that I have Another to share my life with, all of my life.  There have been ups and downs but I'm thankful that Steve has been there supporting my new found vision, celebrating my victories, and being the shoulder on which I cry for the failures. 

There are amazing things to come for DCoopMedia, for me, for my Team.  And I'm thankful that I have all of you to share in them. To everyone reading, have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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New #Luxury Product Spotlight - Week of Nov. 24th

Weekly my inbox fills with notice of great new products being introduced to the market.  And as much as I'd like to devote space in our quarterly magazine theTwentySIX, there just isn't enough space.  The result?  Every week check this spot for the newest product introductions.  And if you'd like to see your product here... make sure to email me the press release and necessary photos.

Elements Collection designed by Boris Aldridge for clé

It should come as no surprise that we at DCoopMedia are big cheerleaders for just about anything that comes out of California tile artistry clé having featured their Rorschach Collection by Timorous Beasties in a prior Luxury Products Spotlight.  This time around it is the Elements Collection, handcrafted by British ceramicist Boris Aldridge, that has caught our eye.  What certainly makes these tiles special is Aldridge's grasp of his materials' natural qualities, a grasp which results in free flowing surface undulations, natural crazing from the artist's glaze, and pooling within the tiles' recycled glass interiors.  Each solid ceramic or ceramic with crushed glass is 4" in dimension and can be installed both indoors and out.

Residential Flow Control Beer Faucet by Perlick

Once upon a time having a home bar was just about having a place to shake a good martini, pour a few shots, and store choice bottles of wine.  With the new found popularity of craft beers (note: San Diego is the Craft Beer Capital of the US) as well as the continued desire of home owners to entertain at home, Perlick, better known for their commercial refrigeration systems, has introduced the world's first Flow Control Beer Faucet for the residential marketplace.  Because each style of beer is carbonated at various levels - think "head" here and the amount of foam on top of the perfect pour - the key component to the beer experience is full control over the pour rate at the faucet, especially in dual head scenarios.  The Perlick 650SS Residential Flow Control Beer Faucet will premier at the 2015 KBIS in Las Vegas and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Belle Epoque Dinner Service by Haviland

Dinner Plate with Patterned Rim, Courtesy Haviland

Dinner Plate with Patterned Rim, Courtesy Haviland

Coffee Cup, Courtesy Haviland

Coffee Cup, Courtesy Haviland

Sugar Dish, Courtesy Haviland

Sugar Dish, Courtesy Haviland

Creamer, Courtesy Haviland

Creamer, Courtesy Haviland

Gertrude Stein once remarked that "America was her country and Paris was her Hometown".  I can only second her sentiment even though my overseas excursions are so few and far between.  Renowned French porcelain maker Haviland might help make those periods in between trips to the Seine easier to bear with the introduction of their Belle Epoque dinner service.  Inspired by the era of Art Nouveau and the decorative styles expressed by architect Hector Guimard's glass and cast iron Paris Métro entrances, Belle Epoque is embellished with a delicate Arabesque tracery in mat-finish porcelain. 
Haviland collections can be purchased at the Daum-Haviland boutique, 499 Park Avenue, New York, NY or by calling 212-355-2060. An online portal can be found HERE.

Per Se Decorative Widespread Basin Faucet Set with Black Crystal or Gold Flake Crystal Handles by Kallista

Per Se Widespread Basin Faucet Set, Courtesy Kallista

Per Se Widespread Basin Faucet Set, Courtesy Kallista

Gold Flake Crystal Handles, Courtesy Kallista

Gold Flake Crystal Handles, Courtesy Kallista

Black Crystal Handles, Courtesy Kallista

Black Crystal Handles, Courtesy Kallista

Though the Per Se Collection of faucets from Kohler's high end division, Kallista, is nothing new to the scene, the newest handle options to be introduced to the line bring a breath of mid-century air to the already classic series.  Now available with handles of either Black Crystal or Clear Crystal with 24-karat gold leaf flake, both 24% leaded Italian crystal, the Per Se Collection pays further homage to the 1950's and 1960's design we've come to love. 

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Los Angeles Auto Show Hightlights: For the Rest of Us

Continuing our coverage of the Los Angeles Auto Show, D'Scoop takes you out of the clouds and the world of the One-Percent (for our five, Auto Show Luxury Favorites, see our post yesterday HERE) and back down to reality with a presentation of our five favorite introduction and debuts for the normal crowd.  And because we are a luxury publication we made sure that each of our selections still had an element of luxury. Don't shoot us.... it's our job.

2016 Audi TT Roadster

Originally introduced in 1998, the Audi TT hasn't seem much in the way of change over its 16 years of existence.  A tuck there, a poke here, the rounded coupe remained relatively untouched.  For 2016, Audi has decided that the Old Gal was ready for a bit of a facelift using elements from its A6 and A7 design tool box and producing a more robust, agile roadster. The octagonal grill is present as is an iteration of it's wrapped headlamps.  Earlier curves continue to grace the roadster's flank.  For the most part, it's still the same TT... with brand new shoes.

2015 Ford Edge

Once Ford got hold of the designs of itss late child Aston Martin, the aesthetic direction of the entire Ford line-up began seeing new injections of life in their old, rental-car-esque designs.  Gone are odd curves and shapely hips and here instead are angled flanks and carved geometric flow.  The 2015 Ford Edge, replacing the dowdy earlier edition, breaths new life into the popular Ford Crossover.  Honestly, we think it couldn't look better now that it's all grown up.

2015 Jeep Renegade

True 1960's small car retro styling is back in full force.  Jeep, a vehicle often criticized for missing the design boat every time their designers make an attempt at producing something other then their mainstay off-road topless cruiser, the Wrangler, however, this time around they've created something not only fun-loving in the 2015 Renegade but, dare I say it, cute crossover that D'Scoop easily sees gracing the future high-school parking lots and beach blanket bingo's everywhere.  By the way, Jeep offers a slew of optional accessories meant to allow the owner true customization.  One of those options?  Teak floor mats.

2015 Nissan Murano

Nissan's prior generation Murano was bulky, bulbous and just an overall obese crossover.  And when Nissan offered the awkward vehicle in a convertible variant, we all thought it was over for the Murano.  Drastically restyled for 2015, it can now be deemed acceptable for human consumption.  Aside from shaving off a few pounds and reshaping the Murano's hips giving the small SUV a clean fold extending from front to rear, the interior has seen a near complete refit featuring more quality, tactile finishes as well as technology and styling cues from its Infiniti brethren. 

2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan

Once again, Toyota attempts world domination with the introduction of the 2016 Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan.  Incorporating the relatively untapped potential of hydrogen fuel cells, a technology BMW began developing in the mid-1990's, into a small bodied, nimble people mover...er...sedan, the Mirai attempts to replicate the success of the Prius' hybrid technology with a new generation of buyers.  The only downside?  The cost isn't exactly approachable just yet. 

Los Angeles Auto Show
November 21st - 30th, 2014

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2014 Los Angeles Auto Show Highlights: For the 1%

It's that time of year here in Southern California when grown men turn into drooling, acne ridden teenagers.  When, the words "cool", "rad" and "bitchen" re-enter the vernacular of the common-folk. That's right.  Auto Show Season is upon us.  Luckily for those of us in Southern California, we get to kick off the entire season with a enormous exposition of horsepower, class, and boatloads of testosterone - the Los Angeles Auto Show. 

This year's show didn't disappoint with over 33 world previews  of both production and concept cars alike.  DCoopMedia was on the floor scoping out the very best of the best.  For you, over the next two days we're presenting our ten favorites from the show floor - five are the stuff that dreams are made of while the other five are honest to goodness affordable people movers.

On with the show....

Audi Prologue Concept Car

In the last five years Audi has quickly taken a position of power among their peers, racing past Mercedes-Benz and competing head on with German giant BMW.  At one point Audi actually outsold BMW in cars sold but now the three German people movers compete for first place.  Audi, by revamping technology, designing classic, unfettered interiors cloaked in a no-frills, muscular exterior with just the slightest retro styling cues, continues to gain ground in the race to first.  The Prologue concept, at the hands of new chief designer Wolfgang Egger, foretells the upcoming evolution of the ringed brand.  An elongated fuselage with the slightest of curves, a further accentuated hexagonal grille, and hints at great Audis past shape the stylish concept.  They see it as a competitor to the BMW 6 Series Coupe and the Mercedes S Coupe.  We think it stands in a class all its own.

Bentley Grand Convertible

Bentley Motors hinted at the possibility of a second convertible being added to their stable as early as 2012 when hush hush sketches and a tightly guarded display appeared next to their villa at the events of Monterrey.  No longer shrouded in secrecy, the Bentley Motors Grand Convertible made its debut on November 17th.  Combining the exhilaration of drop-top cruising from the popular Continental GT Convertibles (one of our favorite test drives) with the over the top opulence and luxurious foundation of the flagship Mulsanne, the direct competitor to the Rolls Royce Phantom Convertible certainly provides a worthy opponent in the battle to remain the world's most luxurious rag top.  Though the size of the vehicle is astounding in and of itself, that Bentley fitted the tonneau cover with the largest flitch of veneer ever to be fitted to a Bentley surely shows that they mean business. 

Infinity Q80 Inspiration Concept

Fresh on the heels of their Q50 Eau Rouge Concept, which premiered on the lawn at the Quail Motorsports Event this year in Monterey, Infiniti sets its sights further up the ladder of exclusive, luxurious sedans with the showcase of their Q80 Inspiration Concept, a highly stylized winged champion of a sedan which one can only hope makes it to some form of production.  Featuring retro inspired pillar-less "suicide doors", a boat-tail which evokes memories of Bugatti's Galibier, an interior that can only be described as a quilted cocoon of Chanel-like proportions, and what I personaly think is the most elegant grill in the convention center, the Q80 is a unique representation of what owning a luxury sedan could be like.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT S

I could go on and on about specs here - 0 to 60, horsepower, balanced weight distribution. But I'll simply sum it up by saying the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT S - It's Yellow.  It's Fast.  And I want one.  'Nuff Said.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Sedan

Everyone deserves a second chance, especially when it comes to the resurrection of an iconic name like Maybach.  The previous version stuttered under lackluster aesthetics, an over the top price tag, and the knowledge that the Bentley Mulsanne was less money. Mercedes is trying again, this time with better results, at bringing Maybach back to the streets.  Outfitted with every option that could possibly be (reclining seats, a chilled champagne compartment, and a full entertainment system), the Mercedes Maybach S660 Sedan is cloaked in the more elegant styling cues of MB's current S-Class line up - much more pleasing to the eye.  Less rapper, more executive.

Los Angeles Auto Show
November 21st - 30th, 2014

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Anzea Textiles & #DesignLUX: A Fashionable Giveaway

With the passing of Halloween we officially enter the Holiday season. 

Shopping.  Cooking.  Present Wrapping.  Pinterest Recipe Hunting.  The to-do list begins and it shows no sign of growing even a teensy bit shorter.  However, there is no reason that you shouldn't look totally fabulous while you tackle each order of business.

We at DCoopMedia and #DesignLUX sponsor Anzea Textiles want to help since goodness knows the last thing you have time for is tracking down the perfect accessory.  So with that being said....


Thanks to our friends at Anzea Textiles, we're giving one lucky winner the opportunity to take home a silk scarf featuring the graphics work of iconic designer Ruth Adler Schnee.  The Italian crafted 100% silk scarf measures 137cm square and retails for $175.00.  Wear it up.  Wear it down.  Knotted.  Tied.  The choice is yours.

Start getting your entries in from November 19th until December 4th when we'll announce the winner during #DesignLUX on Twitter.

Be sure to tune into #DesignLUX on Twitter December 4th at 1pmPT/4pmET for our special shout about women and industrial design, sponsored by Anzea Textiles.

Giveaway ends December 4th at 1:55pmPT/4:55pmET

The Giveaway is now open to residents outside of the United States.  London?  It's OK!  Morocco?  Sure!  Frankfurt? Go for it!

DCoopMedia received promotional consideration for this post through a #DesignLUX sponsorship.  Images courtesy Anzea and may not be used without permission.