#DesignLUX Is Hung Up on Murals with Laurie Laizure

Mural, noun: A Painting or Other Work of Art Directly Affixed to the Wall.

Such a seemingly simple definition for a design component that can make a dramatic impact in any environment, small or large.  The mural has easily been around since the dawn of the cave as dwelling - beginning with primitive sketches scrawled along a rocky interior wall telling stories that modern man continues to ponder over. What do they mean?  Seriously... can someone please tell me what they mean?

The mural has changed quite a bit since cave man times, though the premise remains the same - to tell a story and make dramatic impact through the use of applied graphics.  And because of advances in technology, the revitalization of Old World techniques, and the diversity of materials, the mural remains king in the world of decor more so now than ever.  But all of these advances, materials, and techniques mean that selecting not only the perfect mural to complement one's decor can be daunting (even for interior designers!) but so can its proper installation. 

Laurie Laizure, the founder of mural printing company Customized Walls and a fellow moderator of the Interior Design Community at Google+, will be joining #DesignLUX come Thursday September 4th to help walk us through the process of selecting the right mural type, giving us pointers as to installation, and introducing us to hip new styles. Join in at 1pmPT/4pmET and share in the inspiration and information.

Thursday September 4th at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET.

Customized Walls | www.customizedwalls.com
Customized Walls is a provider of high quality digitally printed murals.  Choose an image from their stock library or provide your own for a truly custom decor solution.

Interior Design Community on Google+

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D'Scoop's New Product Spotlight

It's a given that every week my inbox fills with notice of great new products being introduced to the market.  And as much as I'd like to devote space in our quarterly magazine theTwentySIX, there just isn't enough space.  The result?  Every Monday check this spot for the newest product introductions.  And if you'd like to see your product here... make sure to email me the press release and necessary photos.

Victoria TR90U 36" Range & KT90U Ventilation Hood by SMEG

image courtesy SMEG USA

image courtesy SMEG USA

Let's admit it, we're always coveting European appliance technology.  Every chateau-esque and Le Corbusier modern kitchen features one amazing German or Italian brand or the other.  SMEG, known stateside for their retro styled refrigeration line, is bringing their Victoria line to the US shores starting with the TR90U 36 inch wide range.  Highlights include 18,000 BTU brass burners, double European/true convection, a standard advanced rotisserie feature, EverClean technology for effortless clean up, and three standard colors including classic cream, stainless steel and gloss black.  Retailing at $5,499US for the range and $1,699US for the hood, the Victoria products are available immediately.

QUATRUS R15 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink by BLANCO

image courtesy BLANCO America

image courtesy BLANCO America

A beautiful yet functional rectangular stainless steel sink is a hard item to find.  More often than not, in my own practice, I'd resort to having custom fabricated sinks made to match my client's requests.  BLANCO, might change all of that with the introduction of the QUATRUS R15 Stainless Steel sink, an 18 gauge stainless sink with an exclusive rounded corner available in six different styles including bar, super single and 1-3/4 bowls with a depth range of 8" to 9". Director of marketing for BLANCO Tim Maicher puts it succinctly: "It is as functional as it is fabulous.  It's seriously the best of both worlds."  Prices range from $595 to $995; available immediately.

i3 Accessories Collection by DesignworksUSA for BMW

image courtesy BMW

image courtesy BMW

image courtesy BMW

image courtesy BMW

It was only a matter a time before BMW began developing a collection of accessories to soup up their electric People Wagon, the i3.  That time is now as their California based subsidiary DesignworksUSA has put together an 11-piece collection embodying the message of the i3.  "For the BMW i accessories collection we've combined the message of sustainability with clever product solutions" states Rudolph Moosmeier, Creative Director at DesignworksUSA.  The collection, consisting of a folding box, luggage compartment protector and cover, key cover, board case, climate cover, cable bag, floor mat, transporter net and sun blind make use of scrapped consumer goods such as recycled PET bottles and renewable raw materials; their all weather floor mat, for example, is 100% recyclable.  Prices vary.

Europa Series Tab Pulls & Cut Out Tab Pulls by Top Knobs

image courtesy Top Knobs

image courtesy Top Knobs

Cabinetry hardware can make or break an overall design aesthetic.  Simple, yet decoratively stylized hardware seems to be the biggest deal breaker of them all.  New Jersey based Top Knobs, known distinctly for exceptional craftsmanship and an attention to weight and detail, has introduced as part of its Mercer Collection the new Europa series, a collection of stylized tab pulls and cut out tab pulls featuring a distinctive hand polished finish in Brushed Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Sable and Umbrio.  Attaching to the inside of the drawer, the Europa Collection provides a look which is, at once, minimal and ergonomic.  Prices range from $5.50 to $29.00 each and include a proprietary sealed finish and lifetime warranty.

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Designer Parents Rejoice! We're Going Back to School with #DesignLUX

For those of you with children, the events of the upcoming month are a time to rejoice.  A time to jump for joy.  A time to uncork a bottle of wine, put your feet up and enjoy a few hours of bliss during the day to do things like add to your Pinterest attempts/failures, watch Sex and the City marathons, and clean Cheerios from under the floor mats of your Volvo.  That is to say what I mean is that you're able to do these things uninterrupted by rugrats.

Back to School.

Children groan while parents try very hard to conceal their ever growing smiles.  And with #DesignLUX coming back to its weekly schedule I only felt it fair that we too go back to school.  Be it Rydell High, Springfield Elementary, or even Shermer (and kudos if you can tell me in which of the popular movies those schools made an appearance), #DesignLUX is pulling out the nostalgic stops as we chat about the past, the present, and the future of luxury in schools. From writing implements to backpacks to iPads, we're on the prowl for aesthetically over the top, brain growing ideas, products and architecture sure to make every luxury-lover's brain squeal with glee.  Join in Thursday August 28th, 1pmPT/4pmET.

"...it makes me want to buy school supplies.  I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address..."

-You've Got Mail

Thursday August 28th at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET.

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The Power of the Automotive Brand: #DesignLUX Looks Into Automotive Lifestyle Branding

Last week, dear reader, you may have come across our post and, of course, noticed just how quiet the blog and Twitter and #DesignLUX was.  We made the pilgrimage to the mecca of automobiles - Monterey Auto Week.  Five days of introductions, parties, test drives, and ogling; one hand holding a camera, the other a glass of champagne.

But just like any other good thing, Monterey Auto Week has come to a close and the team at DCoopMedia is back in the office.  And more so, we're ready to chat!

When it comes to luxury products, especially high dollar luxury products, there is one thing every marketing and sales executive knows - you can't simply sell a car, you must sell a lifestyle.  People aren't simply plunking down six figures for a hunk of steel, rubber and glass - they're buying into the mystique, the exclusivity, the perceived ideal that surrounds that particular automobile.  In more recent years, automotive brands have furthered that notion by actually collaborating with other brands and developing in house design teams to create the products that further the perception.  Everything from watches to furniture to clothing to kid's products.

Join #DesignLUX Thursday August 21st at 1pmPT/4pmET as we dive into the world of automotive branding and the luxury products that they put their name too.  Bonus points if you wear something to the party with the logo of your favorite car brand!

Thursday, August 21st at 1pmPT / 4pmET

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