Dedicated to providing homeowners with the tools and knowledge they need to turn their renovation dreams into built realties, BuildEffective.com, the creative collaboration between David Scholar and Dr. Tony Saunders, MyDreamProjector was designed to simplify the initial steps required to undertake the renovation process, guiding users step by step through a catalog of product selections in order to generate a detailed project summary to be used by the members of the project team.

DCoopMedia consulted with the project team to develop an overall style direction and graphics program as well as to provide specific language - from captions and questions to pop-up messages and instructions - to be applied to the entire website. Currently awaiting patent approval, DCoopMedia conceptualized and structured an internal product selection map for kitchen design projects featuring 200+ menus and over 3,000 selections. Due to funding issues, the site did not survive beyond a beta launch in 2015.

Art Direction, Copywriting, Editing, Photography, Coding, Graphic Design