A Tale of Before and During - The Rhodes Remodel Part 1

It's Day 2 of my stint in the Blog-o-sphere and I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to bore you with today.  That is until my wonderful stainless steel fabricator sent me a photo of the templates in place for our countertops at the Rhodes House.  Since we aren't exactly at "after" just quite yet (give me about three weeks) I thought I might regail you with photos of the during. The expository (told you there would be dictionary words in my posts!): Rhodes is a Naval-retired bachelor with a typical 1970's track home.  His house had a typical 1970's track home kitchen (with added painted details from a prior owner).  Seriously.... how anyone in the 70's was able to concoct full meals in these types of kitchens I can't even begin to imagine.  Even I need no fewer than three pots and or pans to boil water!  Subtracting the range and the sink there was maybe five lineal feet of counterspace, two of which was obscured by his working microwave.  The rest of the counterspace was eaten (no pun intended) by the other minor appliances of a bachelor - coffee maker, toaster, tie press.....

[caption id="attachment_11" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="How is that for counterspace?!"][/caption]

So this whole thing started when he wandered into the local green building supply store (Olive Branch Green Building Supply) with the intentions of replacing his carpet with EcoTimber bamboo flooring.  They in turn referred him to me and in true designer fashion we were tearing down walls shortly thereafter.

Originally the plan was to open up the kitchen to the neighboring family room, incorporate the dining room, and expand the actual kitchen itself into the adjoining sunroom.  However, as with many good intentions, the all mighty dollar crept in and an asking price of around $110,000 (USD... don't make me translate into Euro or CAD).  Back to the drawing board and out came a great little galley kitchen with a nice sized island.  I think that my favorite part of the design is the built in pantry/dining banquette that is going in on the opposite of the kitchen. A nice way to eliminate some furniture and get in more storage, not to mention we incorporated three new 18"square windows above to bring in even more natural light.  More on that later.... His favorite part?  Well it's a trifecta of a big piece of stone selected for the island and fireplace hearth, the faucet from Aquabrass (I thought he was going to hurt himself with that smile!), and the fact that his cabinetry all opens correctly.

ANYWAY.... one of the star attractions of the kitchen is the fabricated stainless steel counters with the integrated 18 inch backsplash and welded in single bowl sink.  Today the templates went in and now I'm a bit giddy because that means they're getting ready to cut the actual steel.  Woot woot!  Once those puppies are in then the plumbing, electrical, and appliances can go in followed by none other than the floor that started it all.  So here, in all it's glory - the stainless steel templates :D

[caption id="attachment_12" align="aligncenter" width="395" caption="Here it is... MATCHING cabinetry and the templates for the stainless steel."][/caption]