Hello people of the Interweb!

Ok so I'm keeping it simple tonight.  Granted this is the first of my blogs that is unless you count LiveJournal when I was a just post teenager and my one and only run-in with Tumblr. So yeah.... I'm blogging.  I'm kinda nervous. I mean, I already get so much love on Twitter (@dcoopsd) but how will you all like me when you have to hear me go on and on and on like a Tele-novella just after midnight on the channel you forget exists until Bravo goes into their "we're not showing anything on that isn't going to take your money or tighten your abs).  It's true... I talk a lot.  A real lot. In fact... maybe before you subscribe you might want to rethink hitting that button.

Oh wait, you're bookmarking anyway?  In light of the fact that you'll get a dictionary lesson with each post?  I'm amazed.  Well let's just hope you don't regret that decision.  And heck, if you're still with me at my hundreth tenth post, then I'll have to offer you a little bubbly just for sticking around.  Course, that is unless I've talked so much that I'VE made it to the tenth post.  Let's hope.

So here we go....