Mother Nature Updated: Chandeliers for Mama's New Digs

I'm sure you've figured it out by now that I swoon over awesome lighting.  Seriously.  I've got a kink in my neck to prove it.   I can't help it.... great lighting makes a space.  Bad lighting...well... it can bring a design to it's knees quicker than Edison could file patents for filaments.  Moral of the story - if it is in the bargain bin of your favorite Orange Box retailer you may want to rethink your purchase. ANYWAY, lately I've enjoyed this emergence of chandeliers inspired by the world's most famous designer, one Ms. Mother Nature (I use Ms. but rumors have spread that she had a love/hate relationship with Father Time and that is how the calendar was born, or maybe it was the font Helvetica that was created....).  Keep in mind, I don't mean super literal tree branch interpretations as we'll leave those to 7 figure McCabins in Vail and Jackson Hole.  I thought I'd pull from the bowels of my memory bank a few organically inspired chandeliers that would be right at home in our favorite Mother's updated digs.

First up is one Mr. Jason Miller. A Brooklynite who is credited with starting the "Back to Nature" movement a few years back, his translation of antlers in ceramic have me opening up another credit line with American Express to hang 12 Antlers above my dining table.  Some might say that once antlers hit Pottery Barn's shelves they were passe, Jason's pieces will stand the test of time (especially considering that the chandelier can be ordered in red, orange, gold and ... heaven help us... chrome!). I want... badly!

[caption id="attachment_56" align="aligncenter" width="256" caption="Jason Miller's Superordinate Antler Chandelier - 12 Antlers"][/caption]

Jason Miller through Roll and Hill

Let me share a secret with you.  I have a crush on one Ms. Lindsey Adelman.  In my book she's a lighting rockstar because I happened to stumble on her very fabulous, very chic Branching Bubbles light fixture.  It's like lighting heaven.  If Mother Nature had lived in a Neutra Case Study house, this would be the fixture she'd have.  You know what makes me so crazy about this fixture?  The pure notion that the same oil rubbed bronze delicate branch of handblown globes could be phenomenally awesome in both a simple mid-century dream in Conneticut as well as an ornately over carved Victorian manse.  Even Father Time might stick around for awhile to gaze.

[caption id="attachment_57" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="11-Globe Branching Bubble by Lindsey Adelman Studio"][/caption]

Lindsey Adelman through Lindsey Adelman Studio

Maybe the Brits have a stronger relationship with the Big Mama Nat because they've been around just a tad longer.  The result is that they've got a few secrets to tell and there is one Mr. James Plumb that tells them pretty well.  Ok so maybe this one isn't a true chandelier but it has three pendants and is perfect for Mother Nature's boudoir.  Large scale roses + matte paint (or emulsion to respect the designer) + multiple Squirrel Case lamps make for one simply beautiful fixture.

[caption id="attachment_58" align="aligncenter" width="291" caption="Tesselating Ceiling Roses by UK designer James Plumb"][/caption]

James Plumb through James Plumb

For the last we turn to the pages of my latest addiction - Etsy.  One of my favorite of our Mother's creations is the bubble.  You heard it here.... I like bubbles (and not MJ's monkey....).  And who better than Brooklyn based designer studio PELLE to recreate those delicate, fragile creations in none other than leather (hello?!) and 24K gold leaf.  Gilding, my friends, is what makes this world go around.  Momma Wants. I Want. Done and Done.

[caption id="attachment_59" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="PELLE's 24K Gold Large Bubble Chandelier PELLE"][/caption]

PELLE through

Alright kids.... off to do the Mother's work.