Rose Bowl Design Crawl Scavenger Hunt

Rose Bowl Design Crawl

Scavenger Hunt

Here are the rules….(Wait, there are rules?! Yes there are always rules…) Below are 15 items to be found at the Rose Bowl.  I can’t guarantee you’ll find all of them (or any for that matter) but take a photo by any means necessary.  Tweet your photo using #RBDCrawl (but keep track) and when you’ve found them all text Brandon @ 760-805-1730.  Oh yeah… see below for extra credit! And above all have fun!


Something Flocked

A Little Golden Book

Sportin’ a Stashe Porn Mustaches totally count!

Hotel Key no plastic key cards

Kewpie Doll

A Metal Chicken over 4 feet in height

Pool/Billiards Ball The white one doesn’t count….

The Ghostbusters Cadillac

Prie Dieu


Metal Lunch Box Sportin’ a 70’s TV character The bigger the hair, the better!

A Hair Raising Appliance

A Blast from the Rose Bowl Past

Mrs. Buttersworth

Here Come’s the Bride! Bring on the weddings

Did someone say Extra Credit?!

That’s right gang… extra credit.  While shopping today, snap a photo of the craziest item you can find.  Hairless mannequin head. Three wheeled bicycle.  Gypsy cart with magical goats painted on the sides.  Anything.  Get wacky. We’re looking for awesomesauce here!  The most outrageous gets a little something special.  


And If you Dare. . ..

 Trash to Treasure Hunt:

 Flash your design talents to the world!  Find & buy a gem that needs a bit of spit & polish to make it fab! Take it home, give it your midas touch (repurpose/rejuvenate/renovate) - then post before & after pics here & on your blog no later than midnight August 21, 2011  Don’t forget to link to your blog. The find with the most likes will win a fab prize!