Where's Waldo?

Better known as "You can take down the missing person's ad"

I was trying to think of that one line from "You've Got Mail" where Tom Hanks' character (the sly and horrible Joe Fox of Fox Books) tries to explain away his absence to Meg Ryan's character (Kate something or other... the beautiful small book store owner) after standing her up at the coffee shop (where Cyrano de Bergerac shows up and orders what, if I recall correctly, is either an espresso or a dime bag.  Can't remember exactly... same effect though). Ok wait... what was I getting at with that one?  Um.....

Oh yeah... explaining my disappearance.  So yeah, I've been a little vacant for about a month so I figure we'll chalk it up to someone forgetting to refill the IV of Diet Coke I keep above my desk.  It's true.  I'm an addict.  I'm addicted to Diet Coke, Pinterest, and the great friends I've made on Twitter.

So really... what's been happening?

First there was the little publish in this month's San Diego Premier.  Very excited about that one though it did mean making a mess out of my dining room.  All's well though and the end result (their wonderful half page editorial and the long interview on their website) turned out really well!  Thanks Lynette!

Then there was prepping for Riviera's To Dine For Event shoot.  Yet again another day where my house turned into photo shoot mess but well worth it.  I can't show photos until next month as their photographer would have my hide (not to mention the publisher and the other ten table top creators).  Don't get your panties in a bunch... I'll show you when I'm allowed.

All the while working on the punch list for the Rhodes residence in Santee.  That has been craziness as I think that Murphy has really had a hand in the end result.  We're figuring that one out as we go (dammit Murphy... stop playing with light switches!).  But never fear... the end result is nigh.

And of course... keep on the lookout as we start to chat about some awesome new projects coming up.  We've got some great residences on the horizon and some fun collaborations.

I'm keeping it short tonight as it is just after midnight and a girl does need her beauty sleep but I promise (Scout's honor.... ) that I'll be better at this blogging thing!