What I was doing while Steve was watching *insert sport here*

One of my favorite blogs on the interweb is by an insanely hilarious woman that goes, very simply, by the name The Bloggess. In her little very well occupied corner of the web she religiously posts a recap of her week around the web.  So of course, like any good Blog Master, I thought I'd steal it.  (Jenny I love you but I'm sure you can understand....).  Now, considering that I, being the weird creative that tends to work while Steve is watching recaps of Mad Men or some random sport (Korean pole jumping anyone?  We have front row seats.  No?) I thought I'd dedicate my Junior Miss Socialite-ness to his obsession. So without further adieu.... The Stuff I did while Steve was watching *Insert Sport Here* this week.

~ I think San Diego Premier has a crush on us at D.Coop.  Must be my charm. Or my wit. Or maybe it is that my check keeps clearing.  HA!  Anyway, check out our picks for awesome wallcoverings including prints by Wolf-Gordon, AphroChic and Elitis.

[caption id="attachment_116" align="aligncenter" width="419" caption="Urban Homestead for Riveria San Diego's To Dine For"][/caption]

~ I love when publications hit my desk (that I'm in!).  We were honored to be included in Riviera San Diego's To Dine For Event with a table of our own.  Come October 27th, invitees to the To Dine For event will have the opportunity to bid on the experience of dining at our table with a menu prepared by San Diego Chef du Jour Eugenio Martignago. Check out the final photos of our setting here.

~ Not everything I do is Steve-less. Last night we had the distinct pleasure of being a guest of UBS at their annual Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair at the San Diego Hilton.  I will say, contemporary art looks that much better when I'm holding a glass of wine.  My standout?  Pucci's lighting! There's still time to attend.  Art San Diego, going on until September 4th.

Coming Soon to Theater Near You!

Now kiddies... next week. As many of you know I got lucky enough (don't ask the types of favors I needed to perform) to be invited to New York as a guest of Brizo.  I'll be spending time with some of my favorite Twitter personalities, hob-nobbing it with Brizo's studio crew and, the highlight, attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Shut. Up.  That's. Ba-Nanas.  Rachel Zoe here I come.... So watch out for some awesomeness coming your way as D.Coop hits the Big Apple.

We'd also like to welcome our newest client one Mr. Carter.  He's the proud owner of a 40-year new condo in San Diego's Banker's Hill.  Stay tuned for a little series we'll be titling "How to Lose a Guy in 30 days".  Kidding.  We'll be chronically his mini remodel over the next 30 days on this here blog.  We'll also be using him as a little guinea pig (just don't tell him!).

Now.... where'd I put my drink?