So it's Sunday. I thought about just ending my post right there and going back to the one thing that Klout says I've a heavy influence - Vodka (though Klout never said whether or not I was influential or just under the influence.... keeps me guessing).  But alas, it's time for Flashbacks (and Flash-Forwards).

Stuff I did

Pour Another Drink and Watch What Happens Next

  • Join me on Monday, Sept. 26th for the SpaHouseParty Twitter Chat.  I'm hosting (pass the beer) and we're talking decor for little people, children that is.  4PM PST or 7PM EST via #SpaHouseParty
  • I'll be at Rose Tarlow on Melrose and the Harbinger grand opening party this week in Los Angeles.  If you're around stop and say hi. I'll sign autographs if I need to.
  • Tune into Momtrends for our weekly column every Wednesday.  This week, Noodle House Culture.

Awesomeness that Makes Me Happy (Don't piddle K?)

  • Every poor college student's dream, Japan's Nissin Foods has opened a Ramen Noodle Museum in Osaka, Japan.
  • Hiding TVs.  I ran across NEOD's line of flat panel tv coverups.  I want one. And not just because they make one covered in Swarovski crystals. Click for awesome.


Before I forget, I had to leave you with this little golden gem.  I make a weekly run to the Asian Market not far from my house to indulge in my other liquid weakness - Chrysanthemum Tea ($0.65 + $0.05 California redemption!) and ran across this little toy.  Ok, not really a toy but apparently it's FASCINATING.  I don't know about you but a mop is the farthest thing from the list of items I find fascinating.  Yeah, not even the Top Ten.

Done and Done.