What Does Being Professional Mean? Boudoirs of course.

I'm excited. Ok so I'm almost giddy that it isn't funny. And no, today's excitement isn't a result of finding a hidden stash of vodka in the freezer (I always knew it was there, for safe keeping).  I'm so glad that you all assume I'm one big drunk.  Even Klout thinks that this is a truth considering that I'm influential in vodka. Yep... Grey Goose do you hear that?

ANYWAY....I had a very long client meeting last night that although laced with a bottle of great wine and a half a bag of chocolate chip cookies, resulted in the clients use of the word LOVE in response to the design for their master suite.  Love isn't a word heard too often but I think when one member of the couple sharing this suite uses that Robert DiNero Two-Finger-to-the-Eyes maneuver signaling that we're on the same page, you know you have it right. Which makes me happy.  So sure, the master bathroom is awesome and the fact that we managed to squeeze in a second walk-in closet to this little puzzle (the house was built in 1920 which makes closet space a rarity) only makes it that much better.  However, the key component that I'm super giddy about ... the one piece of the puzzle that makes me not only totally girlish but very jealous in a Carrie Bradshaw meets New York closet kinda way... is that we're carving out space for a girlie dressing room, a boudoir if you will.  After we realized that we were fitting in a second closet (from this point in the process known as "Rob's closet, smiley face" on all documents), she squealed a little.  As much as I'd like to say it's because we now have more room for shoes, I think it's because she'll be the only one of her friends that has a room (not a closet... a room!) for a closet. Yeah biatches, she can not only store her clothes in her closet but twirl and do somersaults in this little room.  Ok, maybe not the somersaults but it is pretty big for a 1920's closet.

Now you all know me.  You know that when there is a line I can't help at stare at it for a moment, shrug my shoulders and say the heck with it.  Let's just say I've never met a line that I couldn't cross.  And of course, I'm always up for a challenge.   This of course works well with these particular clients because let's put it this way, they're no different.

So since we're trying to be all professional and stuff...

[caption id="attachment_222" align="aligncenter" width="348" caption="via Agent Provocateur"][/caption]

Ruffle Cushion by Agent Provocateur

That's right kids.  The venerable lingerie line has introduced a home line to the market.  And guess what, it's everything you'd expect from the world's best lingerie company.  Ruffles and Lace and even leather fringe. Even I want the cushions.

$350.00 USD via Agent Provocateur

[caption id="attachment_223" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="via Filthy Home"][/caption]

Down Below Victorian Wallcovering

With a name like Filthy Home you can't begin to imagine what kind of papers this wonderfully naughty designer has come up with.  And since I'm trying to keep this, in the words of Modern Sauce, a quote unquote Family Blog, I can't post half of them.  Let's just say, their papers are to wallcoverings what Larry Flynt is to publishing.

$90.00 per 24" x 96" section via Filthy Home

[caption id="attachment_227" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="via Daphne Hill, copyright the artist"][/caption]

"Ready for Action, Candida Albicans 3" by Daphne Hill

Every boudoir needs pin-up.  Must I say anything more?  Daphne's are by far my favorites... she's a local San Diego artist who, shall we say, puts a little hidden meaning into each of her pieces.  I'll let you read through her Open Gallery narrative to determine exactly what that hidden meaning is.  Though a Google search of the later half of the title will tell it all.

Price upon request via Daphne Hill

[caption id="attachment_230" align="aligncenter" width="475" caption="Image copyright the Artist"][/caption]

Victorian Spread by Michele Marti

If there is any furniture designer out there that has captured the spirit of the boudoir it has to be Ms. Marti.  I mean.... corset meets Queen Anne sidechair.  Nuff' Said.

For more information contact Michele Marti

Hello line... nice to meet you!

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