Steampunk and Etsy - Lighting my Life!

What happens when you combine my addiction to random Google searches, my need for vodka/soda, and my love of Etsy?  Yep, another post about lighting.  Rest assured, however, that this one is a good one because it not only supports the local economy (instead of those Big Box monsters) but you'll also learn a little something about Steampunk.  If you're like me, until tonight you'd probably never heard of Steampunk or if you had, figured it was something your teenage son listens to when he is avoiding doing his calculus homework. Turns out it is a decorative style. Like Victorian. Or Craftsman. Or Dorm Room Grunge. As it would turn out, I kinda like the idea. Totally industrial.  A little chic. Handmade. Waaay adaptable to lighting design. Even better, highly available on Etsy (third in addict status to Twitter - the reigning champion, and Pinterest).

The Spider Light - A Steampunk Light Fixture

You know how sometimes you'll click on those random "We thought you might like this" kinda searches?  Normally they don't really help me at all and the only thing I learn is that search generators really don't know me as well as they thought they did.  BUT, in an effort to determine just what the hell Steampunk really is (I still don't know) I ran across this little beaut. It's like spiders on your ceiling but the ones you actually want to be there. And with those white sockets and Edison filament lamps I'm totally swooning (and wanting one with just a few more arms since you know, spiders have eight legs).

$300 via Clarksallpurpose, Available in custom configurations

Retro Aqua Blue Edison Lamp

So I'm not one of those crazy interior designers who gives up on function just to get something pretty.  Oh who am I kidding.  I'm a designer by trade, of course I have!  So anyway, I'm thinking this fixture is like a little bit of good Karma meant to cover up/obscure/deny all of those little "But it's so pretty...." moments. Look, it's got a switch ON THE FRONT (instead of those horrible in-line things I can never find when it's dark).  But even better?  Two outlets. That's right kids... plug your iPhone right into the front of this baby and charge her up. Yeah... you know you need it now just 'cause I called it an iPhone accessory.

$50.00 via BenclifDesigns

*UPDATE* After this post hit the web, Benclif Designs sold this particular version.  However, check around his Etsy store as he's got more like it!

Beer Bottle Vanity Lamp

No you haven't been drinking.  Ok wait.  It's Sunday night here in San Diego so you might actually have been drinking.  Let me preface by saying I'm not much of a beer drinker.  In fact, the only beer I can really stomach is rootbeer (with a shot of vodka for good measure). So it may come as a surprise to you that I'm totally smitten with this fixture. Beer Bottles. Big crazy pipe fittings. This is a serious fixture for a serious drinker with eco sensibilities. Or for me. One and the same I say. Bottoms up!

$155.00 via ZalCreations

Sconce Bookshelf with Accent Lighting

I'm going two for two on functionality tonight.  This is just not normal for me.  So think of it this way... back in the college days if you were a girl, light fixtures served all kinds of purposes.  They did double duty as jewelery holders, hanging racks, bra-dryers.  But us guys, well let's just say that a light fixture was just that (and you ladies wonder why we're soooo not creative). So guys, you thought the beer bottle sconce above was for you but SURPRISE this one's for you too. Store your books (not the Penthouse, have some class) and get in a little light as well.

$109.00 via Stellableudesigns

All images via Etsy.

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