Open if you Dare! 25 Things About Me You Might Not Want to Know

Hold up, let me put my bottle of Veuve Clicquot aside. There, all better. Happy New Year my dear readers! It's been a roller coaster of a year hasn't it? I, for one, am super uber ready to be starting a new year. A new year with great prospects on the horizons. With wonderful friends that keep me on my toes every day (Angel? Candy? Meredith? If you don't know who these people are you need to follow them on Twitter because they will keep you on your toes and in stitches. You're on your own for alcohol). And, of course, a new year with a newer drinking habit.

I jest. Except for the part about the drinking habit. Gimlet anyone?

Anyway, late last night in something I like to call "Twitter After Hours" because there are a handful of us insomniacs that end up Tweeting late into the night (and sometimes into the morning), a group of us decided that you needed to know more about us. Whether or not that is a good thing I'll leave up to you. Of course you probably already know most of the easy stuff. Who is my father and what does he do (odd movie reference, please tell me you know it....). But there is a whole slew of craziness that you don't know. Craziness? Who? Me?

So without further adieu.... 25 things you will now know about me (some of which you probably didn't want to know).

1. If I were not an interior designer I'd love to drive cars in movies.  There is nothing that gets me going like a good car chase scene.

2. I modeled for a dance instruction brochure and a fitness website.  Yes kids, I was a model.  Once. Minus the cigarettes.

3. This one time.... at band camp.... Joking.  I've never been to band camp.

4. Although my first back injury was the result of it, I still like strapping my feet into a snowboard.  Yes, they stopped the lift for me the first time I climbed the mountain.

5. My claim to dating fame is that I once dated one of the actors from Knot's Landing. I don't kiss and tell so don't ask.

6. I will not stand on any balcony that does not have at least two of it's sides protected by the building.

7. I can make a perfect pie crust but always struggle with the filling.  That and I don't trust my oven.

8. I am actually a native of Las Vegas (Henderson actually but they're practically the same city).

9. I mumble in broken French.  It confuses people.  Or makes them think I'm crazy.  Their choice.

10. I do not eat most kinds of sweets.  Things like pies, donuts, scones, cake, and brownies are not in my diet because I simply do not like them.  Now you know why I'm a size 2.

11. I auditioned for Bravo's Top Design. I then turned them down.

12. My first word was not "mama" or "dada" like most normal babies.  It was "shit".  I kid you not, ask my mother.

13. I can trace part of my heritage back to royalty.  That's right.  Bow down!

14. I am allergic to and can smell Star Gazer Lilies the moment I walk into a room.  The same goes for real milk in my Starbucks.

15. I do not know how to drive stick. To the detriment of every exotic car dealership out there.

16. My mother and I share the same initials. Yes, it was done on purpose.

17. Speaking of initials, I always use my middle initial because without it, I would simply be BS. No explanation necessary.

18. I have an aversion to using any kind of urinal.  Public or otherwise.

19. I encourage New York City taxi drivers to drive like the movies. I can't help it.

20. My maternal grandfather is Freddie Krueger.  Well, Richard Frederick Krueger anyway.

21. I have a mild case of OCD.  By mild I mean that I don't lock the door twelve times but I will rearrange store counters.

22. I can only hear out of one ear.  Though I do hear little sounds from my dead ear, if you notice me pointing an ear your way it's probably because I'm ignoring you.

23. I wear a woman's shoe size 13.  This has been tested.

24. The quickest way to get me to relax is to put me behind the wheel of my car. Sadly this is also the quickest way to get me annoyed too.

25. I do not camp.  Ever.

See now that wasn't so bad was it? Happy New Year and we'll see you in 2012!