Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers... Oh just sit down and write already.

Excuses excuses.  That's what I say!  Have you written your thank you cards yet?  I bet someone got you something totally awesome and cool like fruitcake or a sweater with a big light up snowman plastered across the front.  You know you owe them a thank you note.

With today being Wednesday, and because I'm just too lazy to get my butt (that's ass for all of us adults) out of bed and put on some real clothes I'm directing you to a different blog to get your fix.  That's right ya'll... I'm sending you to NOLA for a little Southern fried goodness. Actually I wrote a good little humdinger for my dear friend one Ms. Angel Robinson of Writerobinson fame.  You probably know her as the queen of stationary in the Southeast region but to me, she's my Gayle.

Anyway, take a little gander over to her page by clicking HERE and take a little peek at what we cooked up in her proverbial kitchen.

Now as for those pants.... pajama bottoms should count as long as they're below the knee.

Image via ffffound