Mother Tested - Peta Approved

Once upon a time there was a cabin in the mountains.  It was a great cabin.  Two rooms with a giant stone fireplace and hardwood floors. I think the house might have been made of logs and looked like it would be more at home in a fairytale storybook than a clearing in the woods.  I'm sure you have a visual in your  mind now of this particular cabin.  There is probably a little plume of smoke coming from the tall stone chimney. A stack of cut logs tucked under one of the eaves. A no girls allowed sign on the door.  Wait?  That's not part of your cabin?  Oh.

Anyway, in this cabin of yore there was probably hanging over the rough hewn mantle, the relic of someone's hunting trip.  A full size souvenir of The Big Tale between a grandfather, an uncle, a dad and an eight-point elk.  Unfortunately this was not the one that got away.  It's there.  Hanging in all it's glory.  Dark beady eyes staring down from it's permanent spot.  I swear the one my grandfather had was begging for food.

Let's fast forward to now shall we.  To a PC time where we don't eat meat, try not to get drunk (I said try), and our cabin is now off-grid with dual pane gas filled windows, a solar system and thermal heating.  Sure it might look like it's made of logs but the reality is there is some serious insulation in those exterior walls. Let's just say that the taxidermy of yore probably wouldn't look so hot above the mantle in this particular modern marvel.  No no.  Some hairy, beady eyed beast just doesn't work anymore.  You yearn for nostalgia but don't want something that will give the kids the heebie jeebies.

Fear not!  Have I got a few heads currently on the chopping block for you. Wait, bad pun right?  I thought so. How about I just show you the goods.

Pink Young Buck by Rachel Denny

Not quite an eight-pointer but seriously, pink cable knit!  It's like grandpa's young buck has been hidden in a sweater. I'd recommend not trying to fit a real buck into a sweater. That might not go over so well.  Let Ms. Denny do it for you.

Contact the artist Rachel Denny

Polygon Double Deer #2 by Kohei Nawa

Don't reach for your glasses.  This buck really is in two form.  The reason I love this is you have the very graphic qualities of the polygon portion of the deer juxtaposed with the real shape. And when you've been drinking too much they meet back in the middle.

Available through Artnet

Coney Island Deer Trophy by Mosstika Urban Greenery

You can't get more natural than moss. Meant to be graffiti, this would replace the Banksy you currently have scribbled on your gallery wall.  I'm not sure if they do housecalls but I it would be great if they did.

For information contact Mosstika Urban Greenery

Origami's Hunter by Sistudio

Who doesn't love something that serves TWO purposes?  Nostalgia and a light source.  I'm officially hooked.

For information contact Sistudio

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