The Intrique of The Corners

Get Lost! So rude I know.  But you should know me be now.  Being polite never was my strongest trait. Oh well.

Anyway, I've found that I tend to get a little lazy on Wednesdays around these parts.  Maybe the midweek blues. Maybe I'm running low on my favorite Bourdeaux. Today, however, it is simply because I've been daydreaming.  I'm more or less staring the paint off of the wall behind my desk.  Earlier this week, talk amongst Twitter friends (or Tweeps as they're so affectionately called) turned to Paris.  I've been a number of times but unlike many American tourists, I have my own way of experiencing the City of Lights.

For me, Paris has never been defined by the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre or Versailles or any of the well regarded, picture postcard locales so loved by many a visitor.  For me, the lure of Paris has always been in the corners. Sounds like a creepy science fiction movie but you'll just have to skip over to Cassie's blog CobbleStay if you want to see what I really mean.

Check out CobbleStay's Parisian rental properties as well.  I promise you'll spend your afternoon daydreaming as well.

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