The Plight of Jan - A MomTrends diatribe

Well hello there gang!  It's Wednesday so you know what that means.  Yes, it means I'm laying in bed, still in my pajamas and being lazy by not really doing a post here. I know.  Blame it on the rain and Santa Ana winds we've had around here.  Blame it on me.  It's ok.

Anyway, as many of you know we write this little humdinger of a weekly column over at Momtrends, the fashionable home of New York moms and California mothers.  Since I  know that most if not all of you are falling back on your resolutions, I thought I'd let you renew yourself with a decor resolution that everyone can live with (except albinos, they're lacking in color.  Actually maybe they just need to read my post about color).  I'm sure you have a powder bath.  I'm sure she's the Jan of your bathrooms.  Let's fix that.

So walk, or in our case, click over to meet Jan and see just what kind of splash you can make.

And while you're there, leave a comment.  Nicole likes it when people leave comments. 

Image via Apartment Therapy