Can One Really Have Too Much Hermes?

If there is one thing I love about reading my blog stats it's that I'm always amazed in what kind of terms you guys are using to find me. Not that I'm not wanting to be found but I've gotten quite attached to the search term "Big Stones". Take it as you may really. I'll let you mull on that one and draw your own conclusions. Though if you'd ever read my Green Bitchy series you'd think maybe Google was on to something. Alas, yesterday, after Klout had officially made me influential in Chanel, I found that one of my search terms for the day had been "Too Much Hermes". Ok ok. I'm in love with the color orange. Not just any orange but that brownish, redish orange so familiar on the Hermes box. I've a few of them myself and once the office is painted black, that amazing heavenly color will play a predominate role on the new shelves. Pictures later. Seriously. Though remember, later might be like in the next decade. After blogging turns into holographic telepathy.

Anyway, one can never have too much Hermes. And as such, I thought I'd pull a few images from the interweb of just what I mean. So sit back. Pour yourself a little Veuve, and enjoy a few shots of Hermes in some super awesome interiors.

Was that enough Orange for ya?

Images via: Because It's Awesome, AJ Barnes Online, House and Home, Live in a Venti Cup, Bravo