Did Someone say Give-a-way?

You've heard it through the grapevine.  And by grapevine I mean Twitter. Yes kids, I said Give-a-way!

As some or most or none of you may know I've really taken to photography as a creative outlet. I'm old school though.  Sure digital is awesome and there are so many great things you do with it.  In fact I've fallen in love with the Instagram app for my iPhone .... you've probably seen some of the results over on my other blog, A Boy And His Camera. But I'm mostly about film. Real bona fide black and white film and a two decades old Minolta.

The result is that when I'm out and about I'm like a Japanese tourist snapping photos with my big bulky piece of equipment.  Each photo, to me, is a moment captured in my timeline.  A small snippet of my life on paper that serves as a reflection of a time past. I don't liken my photos to being "good", just being Me.

So today, dear readers, I'm parting with one of my moments.  I was in New York last September for FashionWeek and spent a little time in Central Park just before it was wheels up and back to San Diego.  This particular image struck me as being a moment of realization that there really is an end to the tunnel, a beaconing light to better things ahead.  It means a ton to me considering my journey over the past year.

Anyway... on to the good stuff.  Want it?  Do ya?  The image has been printed (professionally by my friends at Chrome in San Diego) to archival water color paper, matted and framed. Image size is 9" x 12" and framed to 14" x 18".  But you can't win it here... you have to go to the Writerobinson page to pick it up!  She's got all the instructions! You've got until Friday, February 3rd.

Course if you don't win and still want a copy come back here and maybe I'll make another.....

Good luck!