Can I Carry Your Luggage to Paris? The Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs Exposition

So listen, I don't normally beg or plead or get on my knees to get something I want.  Typically in the past I've presented a PowerPoint presentation listing the normally acceptable reasons as to why I should receive.  And then someone turns me down (usually Steve) and I have to go out and buy it myself. I don't remember this being how marriage was supposed to work.

Does someone have the manual I can borrow?  What, you didn't get one either? Well now we're all screwed.

Anyway, like any other night after what was a ball busting yoga class, a great dinner and a piece of cake with a friend (seriously not all at the same time....) I found myself perusing Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Pinterest at the same time. This is typical of me.  I don't think my computer is multi-tasking if there aren't at least four tabs on my Firefox window.  Bonus points if there are two windows, both of which have completely illegible tabs because there are so many.  Serious bonus points if some of them have been there for three weeks.  Off track much? So Twitter (via my super friend Cassie with the awesome Parisian rental company CobbleStay) posted a little gem of the week which has led to my new want. No.  Wait. Need. Yes... it's a need.

I don't mean need like oxygen (because frankly who needs that) or water (because mine's Evian) but one of those I'm going to die if I don't get to do this so please let me do it but can someone else pay for it type of needs.  You people know what I mean so don't judge.

As it would turn out, Les Art Décoratifs, a pretty damn cool museum in Paris, is hosting a little exposition that I like to equate to sex on the beach with twins. Twins you say?  Yes. Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacob.  Sure one's been dead for quite some time (what... too soon?) and the other is gayer than a three dollar bill at a shoe sale (I'm gay too so get your panties out of a bunch).  But together... they channel Godliness and create some of the most interesting iterations of luxury the handbag world has seen in this generation.  Women - you know what I mean.  You b****es are lucky that it isn't frowned upon for a guy to carry one because I'd have two. Suck on that.

I won't bore you with details but the short is that for a few months LAD will be hosting a little grouping... from a trunk hand made by the Semi-God himself (one monsieur Vuitton) to some creations that will probably make most people believe that Marc Jacobs wasn't sharing the good stuff with his buddies. LAD claims that the exposition will be an "analysis rather than a retrospective".  Whatever... What I do know is that they're setting up a LV pop up not far from the show so once you're done drooling on the museum pieces you can head over and drool on the bags for sale.

I saw your ear perk on that note.

So..... Going to Paris?  Need help with your luggage? Babysitter? Shoe shiner? Assistant?  Scratch babysitter (even I have standards).  Let me know, I'm your man.

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Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacob

March 9th through September 16th, 2012

Les Arts Décoratifs – Mode et textile 107 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

Images via In LVoe with Louis Vuitton, PursuitistLes Arts Décoratifs

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