Answering the Age Old Question - Where do I set my Drink?

TIG.... S? That's right kiddies.... it's Saturday. Well, actually while writing this post it's still Friday but give me a gimlet already.  I'm just happy that I can work from bed in my jammies. Wait.  How that is different from most any other day I'm not entirely sure but I'll take it anyway.  Which reminds me, does any other couple have the "tuck vs. untuck" issue when it comes to sheets?  I swear, making that decision with the Mister in the room is like trying to determine the directionality of toilet paper.

Annnnyway.  I've been working diligently on a new project in Rancho Santa Fe.  When 6,200 square feet calls, you answer the GD phone.  I answered and now it's fabric samples and tear sheets and interns. Oh My!  The oh my part was for the interns.  Not the fabric samples.  Or the tear sheets.  Just clarifying.

Needless to say, the age old question popped up.

Like it always does.

When it comes to seating arrangements.

Just where do you put your drink?



Often times, and this goes for commercial and residential projects equally, that little thought is put into just where that drink is going.  Be it a gimlet (my drink of choice), a Budweiser, or just a simple glass of water in the evening before bed (wus!), a location must be determined. In some cases this is the wide arm of the super soft leather sofa you've already bought.  But in most cases, a table is needed.  What kind of table you ask?  Well let me tell.... and show.... you!

Small, petite, tiny.  It all works.  Choose one that is 12 inches in diameter minimum up to 18 or 24 inches diameter maximum. 

Choose a piece even with or just lower than the arm of the chair it is adjacent.  Higher than and you are doing some weird arm flexes. No one likes a weird arm flex.

A wear friendly top is a must.  I like coasters but my friends, well nevermind.

Storage is an option, not a necessity.  Unless you need a place for coasters.

Use this as a creative opportunity.  Pack some punch with a great color, cool finish or oddball material.  Seriously!

Do you like?  I know I do!  Now get to picking.

Happy Drinking!!

Table Round-up, in order of appearance:

Side Table no. Four by The New Traditionalists via here

Taboret Stool/Side Table by Bungalow 5 via here

Primi Table by Phase Design via here

Dax Round Pull up Table by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams via here