Salt - Now fortified with Basil! A visit with Salt Farm

I'm an addict. I'll admit to it.  I love it.  I crave it.  I probably couldn't see my life without it in some way shape or form.  Granted no one (except maybe my Doctor) will ever give me an intervention.  There is no Twelve Step program for lessening its grip on my life.  And I'll never be sitting next to Lindsay Lohan with it's sweet delicate kernels stuck to the skin around my nostrils.

It's like legal coke.  Let's be honest.

It's Salt.

But not just any salt.  We're talking Italian imported sea salt with just a touch of black truffle. Or a simple basic salt ground with bits of coconut and ginger and chili.  Maybe it's a salt with dried tomato flakes, sweet basil and a hint of garlic.  Drooling?  Me too.  I just had to clean up my keyboard. Missed a spot.  No... right there.  Now you have it.

Once upon a time salt was salt. It came in in a blue paper carton with a girl and an umbrella. Times have changed and like Morton said "When it rains it pours".  Salt is no longer just salt.  Take a gander down the spice section of your local Whole Foods and you'll see Sea Salt and French Sea Salt and Kosher Salt and regular salt and salt infused with just about any other item that can be ground in a mortar and pestle.

It isn't easy to pick one. Especially with the likes of Iron Chef and Top Chef and Chef Boyardee around. Make one wrong move and it's over.  You might as well go back to the Culinary Institute and learn how to boil water.

So I'm going to help you.  I'm going to point you in the direction of one Ms. Tonya Youhanna and her fabulous San Diego company, Salt Farm Gourmet Salt.  I'll make it really easy.  Roughly 30 different salts ranging from the very popular Himalayan Pink (did you know this is a super healthy salt with 84 different minerals?) and Sel Gris to the exotic Espresso (perfect as a dessert salt or on red meats) and Wasabi Sesame salts.  And, of course, the famous Black Truffle.

Who can resist Black Truffle? I can't.  The beauty of Tonya's is that hers not only uses an imported Italian base but is also 10% Black Truffle. Considering that most commercially available truffle sales contain maybe 5 to 7% truffle to salt, it's like you're leashing up the pig and stealing the truffles from her.  Let that image swirl around in your mind a little.

Actually what I love best about Tonya (besides the super Salt tattoo that she has on her right arm) is her pricing.  Sure she has three- and five- pack samplers (the five pack contains Black Truffle) but her standard bottles are quite generous and a steal at $10 to $12 a piece.  True Story - I bought a chardonnay salt from Dean & Deluca once and paid almost $20.  (I told you I was an addict)

Ok ok.... I'm hungry now and I should probably eat rather than lick my screen.

If you're in San Diego, you can find Sea Farm at the Hillcrest and Little Italy Farmer's Markets.  Or, stop by her website Salt Farm and most importantly her Etsy shop.

Buy some.  Buy them all. Well not all of them, leave some for me would you?

Aside from another addiction, D.Coop was not compensated for this post.

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