Lighting Explosions - But I Mean The Good Kind

Pow!  Blam!  Wowie! I'm a great fan of Roy Lichtenstein's work.  Emulating comic book printing pointilism and injecting industrial strength color, his works are massive pieces of commercial wonder.  Certainly one can love Warhol's soup cans (Steve's favorite Warhol is a fluorescent pink electric chair.... I should wonder) but when it comes to pop with a connection to childhood, Roy is your man.

Of course, I can't actually afford any of his pieces on my meager designer salary.

Anyway, for years we designers have been pushing the idea of pops of color.  Hey, I'm a big fan.  It's a proven method to liven up a home. Using something like lime green or citron yellow or magenta against a white or otherwise neutral background is a great mini explosion.

But if you recall, I've an addiction to lighting.  I can't rid myself of it.  It's like Coke (Diet or... um.... nevermind). And there is no twelve step program (unless we're talking dimming) to cure myself.  At least I don't remember seeing that in the Betty Ford pamphlet.

So my explosion of sorts?  It's about glass and china and metal and.... Well you get the picture.  And since I love you, here are a few explosions of the lighting kind.  I guarantee most of them cost more than your car but tell me you're not in love.

Boom Boom Burst - hand blown glass, atomic spears and the metal of the decade, brass, all combine for one spectacular display.  Better than the Fourth of July I'd say.

by Lindsay Adelman Studio via here

Porcha Miseria - who can resist a baby Budda?  I'm curious though, if I send Ingo my broken dishes, can I get a discount?

By Ingo Maurer via here

California Sunburst 27 - hand polished folds of brass result in a amplified burst of mid-century energy.

By Tony Duquette via Remains Lighting

Kopra Burst - powder coated steel orbs radiate from the bubble like center, a slightly more feng shui appropriate explosion.

By David Weeks for Ralph Pucci

D.Coop was not compensated for this post.  Though if any of the artists want to supplement my paltry salary by sending me one of the above chandeliers.... then I say go for it!

Images courtesy the artists.