Nancy Corzine - You Gotta Have A Lot of Passion

Let's face it.  If you're reading my blog post from one of the other 49 states that isn't California (or even from a country which doesn't have a California of its own), you should be jealous.  Jealous because we have Hollywood.  And we have Baywatch (or Pamela Anderson - you choose). And we have great wines that make even the French weep just a little.

But for us designer types, we also have Nancy Corzine.   If you don't know her, you should.  If you do know her, you're enthralled with her furniture designs.  Elegant, streamlined pieces of design goodness wrapped up in a bow and served on a silver platter like a great martini at a dark bar. For years I've oogled some of her Art Deco pieces. Flaming veneers and chrome hardware and a polish so shiny, Enzo Ferrari tried (and failed) to emulate it.

I've probably exaggerated on the Ferrari point but who knows.  Maybe he did.  Even Edison didn't tell us just how many filaments it took to get to the center of the light bulb.  (Please tell me you picked up on the Tootsie Pop reference).

Anyway... let's cut to this past week.  In amidst all of the hustle and crazy that is my pre-KBIS week of preparation I took a little time out to spend the evening with two things I love - Typhanie Peterson and Gin.  Oh yeah.... and a cocktail party with the eponymous Nancy Corzine.   Certainly we were all there to learn about her upcoming Spring Collection (more on that in a bit) but in one of those serious "let's talk about where babies come from" types of chats, NC had a few moments of heart to heart with the designers present.

For someone who's risen to design stardom (seriously, most designers have either heard of or sold her pieces) she takes a very down to Earth approach with her clientele.  So much so that she actually said ass. She didn't call anyone an ass but was merely referencing the testing that each of her chairs goes through in it's development stage (in case you're curious - each chair prototype goes through five asses before receiving a sign off).  I personally find her realization that core of her company is not her designs or her sense of taste but her people (ie: the employees that have been with her for eras) to be endearing, a sign of a true leader and not just a face.

So her collection?  After being told that her showrooms were simply too formal (agreed) NC did just one thing - she added a new line of finishes.  It may sound so simple but the truth is that the addition of the Scrubbed Oak finishes took her collection to the opposite end of the high end, formal spectrum.  Beach houses? Check.  70 Foot Sail boats? Check. Ice Fishing Shack? Well if it were for a Vanderbilt, check.

It's a new, casual focus for the company and one that I can get behind. So long as I'm on a limed oak soap box.

Nancy?  Do you hear me?

Nancy Corzine's furnishings are available through the Trade.  For more information, visit her website.

D.Coop was not compensated for this post.  Though is NC's PR People see it fit to send a limed oak soap box I'd not complain.

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