Subzero - The Battle Between Water & Aesthetics is Over

Finally! Let me preface by saying that I have one other love besides truly fabu lighting.  And that love is refrigerators.

Give me a 60 inch wide True commercial grade refer any day. Or Miele's counter depth completely flush refer components.  Or even Lieberr's just introduced in-wall wine system.  Yeah.  Shut up.  I know.

There, however, is one company on the market that really takes it to the next level.  Over the years they've become synonymous with high end refrigeration.  Their products are known the world over for being the best of the best.  The cream of the crop.  I'd go so far to say that they were truly the first innovator of the refer.  To take it from the round condenser on top of a white box with cabriole legs to what is really the second mainstay of the modern kitchen (second only to the range....).  I know them as the wet-dream of every housewife in America.  You know them as Subzero.

This year's showing at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Showcase (or KBIS for us industry peeps) was their first in awhile.  We missed them.  I'm sure the Twitter petition helped.  And me being the techie detail oriented geek that I am, went straight for the details.  Certainly, the introduction of their combination steam/convection oven was great and I'm sure the Smart technology in their newest lineup will turn heads,  but I latched on to something else.

The integrated ice/water dispenser.

For years, refer designers have struggled with the water dispenser.  Where the h-e-double hockey sticks do you mount that monstrosity?  Buyers and designers alike had to choose between the functionality that is having filtered water and fresh ice in a single machine with the aesthetics of flush and integrated fixtures that disappear into the cabinetry.

"No Wire Hangers!" Mommy Dearest says.  And now, we can say the same about water and ice.  Why?  Because the idea lightbulb finally went off in someone's head (fortunately it was someone at SubZero) and they slim-lined that necessary evil into a very small pocket inside the refer.

Who'd have thought?!  Inside the refer?  Now that's brilliant thinking.  No more streaks of water down the front of your freshly polished stainless steel.  No four-year olds with camel-istic instincts overfilling their sippy cups.  No more ugly mole on the face of your we-won't-talk-about-price luxury.

So thanks be it to SubZero for making my job just a little bit easier.

My third love, just in case you wondered, is toilets.  More on that later.

For more information about SubZero's awesome products visit their website at

Images courtesy Subzero Wolf and my not be copied without their permission.

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