Weekend Warrior - PANYL is Bringing Sexy Back

Happy Cinco de Mayo! So here's the deal, I'm certain the last thing you're thinking of today is "what can I do around the house?".  For me, it comes down to "what can I do around the house while still holding my margarita".

Yeah, I'm a drunk like that.

Side note, Steve and I nicknamed our neighbors The Highballers because the first two years we lived in our house, we never saw them outside of their house without a highball in their hand.  And I thought I stayed inebriated.

ANYWAY.... back to that thought.  I'm a big fan of IKEA.  I use their frames like they're going out of style (they won't).  And their Expedit bookcases are God sends.  My last office looked like an IKEA catalog shoot I had so many of them piled around.  I actually went so far as to modify a few of them to suit my needs (two of them back to back are the perfect depth for sets of construction documents).

Needless to say, if you're like me, you've got one or fourteen of them hanging around your house.  They're probably white. Or wood tone.  That's great fine and dandy but sometimes you just need a little pop.  Like when I painted the office black (and proceeded to use an IKEA dining table and an Expedit on wheels to furnish said office).  Enter stage right a little IKEA hacker company called PANYL.

Reader's Digest version - PANYL helps make your otherwise bland IKEA something straight out of a Dwell Magazine shoot.  Pre-cut vinyl wraps for a number of IKEA's most popular pieces in a multitude of colors (did I forget to mention wood tones?!).  I can't attest to its ease of installation but according to their website, it's as simple as a few minutes with a squeegee.  Geico is jealous because PANYL makes their super simple car quotes look like complex exercises in thermal dynamics.

So yeah, it looks like something you might be able to accomplish while holding your margarita.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

You can find PANYL's products here.

D.Coop was not compensated for this post.  The evidence is that my Expedit bookcases are STILL white.

Images via PANYL.