Las Vegas - City of Lights

Let's put it this way. I'm laying in my hotel room in my pajamas after a very stimulating two days at the International Light Fair in Las Vegas.  No drink in hand but I did finish off a very fattening burger with bacon and blue cheese.

You know, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  And that includes carbs. (This is not a scientific fact...)

So anyway... while I'm being lazy I wanted to make sure I didn't leave you hanging.  A little walk around the strip resulted in a couple of great lighting installations. I mean, I AM here to see lighting.  So what if it happens to be lighting in the shopping arcade at The Aria.

You agree right?


The Chandelier Bar dripping with miles of crystals.

The very industrial meets Hollywood spot fixtures at All Saints.

An awesome light meets signage display.

A close up of the bottles as light sources.

All images via D.Coop and may not be reproduced without permission.