The Open Road - One Good Reason Farm Country is Awesome

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

If you're like me you're sitting on your behind on your second margarita of the day anxiously anticipating firing up the grille so that some super awesome carne asada from the random Mexican stand just down the street can be fixed and engulfed by my mouth.

Did I mention the second margarita?

Anyway.... Steve and I decided that since we don't spend enough time in triple digit temperatures that we'd spend the weekend holiday in Tulare which for those of you not familiar with Central California, is between Somewhere and Nowhere.  Yes, these are actual places on the map.  At least I think so considering one of the nearest towns is Farmersville.  Yes, Farmersville.  Catchy don't you think?

Now if there is one thing I've figured out when spending time up in this neck of the woods it's that I have to figure out just what to do with my time.  Usually this involves me, a car, and a full tank of gas which normally turns into finding some sort of random goodie tucked in between the grape fields and orange orchards.

This does not involve cow tipping.  At least not yet.

This weekend was no different.  And I struck gold.

I love me some antiques. And when said antiques are housed in a big huge a** barn that looks like it might just fall over in a light breeze I'm about as giddy as a school girl at a Twilight release party.  Minus the skirt.  Sometimes.

Now normally I don't share all of my sources because you might actually try to steal them but I figure this one is so off the beaten path I don't have to worry about it.  Not to mention you're probably still trying to figure out where the hell Tulare is.  Don't worry... I still don't know where it is either.

By the way.... watch out for the Rooster.  He will follow you.

Good Goods

30884 Road 168

Visalia, California

Hours?  Whenever they want to be open.....