Weekend Warrior - Since I'm Getting Nothing Done - A Giveaway!

So if you haven't figured it out by now, I've gotten just shy of nothing done around the house.  Yeah yeah, I know I told you all that I was going to go all nut-ballz and take a few notches off the old task list. You know, make my home a designer showhouse. Well maybe not so much a designer showhouse as much as a "finally stop living with patio furniture in my living room" type of house.  It's true.... I'm that kinda guy.

So whatevs.  It's Memorial Day weekend round these parts and I'm taking Monday off.  And maybe Tuesday if you people aren't nice to me.  That's right, I said it.

Just because I'm not getting anything done around my house doesn't mean that you shouldn't be.  So it is with my distinct pleasure (and with many thanks to the great people over at Kohler) that I've got a little bone to throw your way. 

As you know, I'm all about sustainability and water efficiency and making bathrooms look better than they are.  Except my own obviously since that would be too easy.  And I want you to be as well.

Up for grabs (this sounds like the beginning of my Craigslist personal ad....) is a Kohler Bancroft 2.0 GPM showerhead with a catalyst spray.  What?!  A catalyst spray?  You don't say?!  Kohler says something about infusing water into the water flow to make for larger droplets.  I say PRETTY!

And it's all yours. Well... if you enter my little contest.  I know - work. 

Four ways to enter -

- Follow the D.Coop Bloggie.  You probably already do this anyway.

- Follow D.Coop on Twitter

- Tweet out the contest to all your Twitter fans (this is my really evil plan!).

- And a bonus entry if you leave me a comment telling you just how much you love me :D

Of course, make sure you leave me a comment telling me you did each one so that I can make sure I get all your entries.  Remember, I'm lazy and I'm probably not paying much attention to anything besides the drink in my hand.  On Thursday, May 31st at 9pm PST I'll draw the winner and hopefully by the next week you'll be all clean again!

Note, my international friends are most certainly welcome to enter but it's up to you to make sure this particular fitting fits your plumbing type.  I'm no plumber ....

Contest is for one (1) Kohler Brand Bancroft 2.0 GPM showerhead with Catalyst Spray.  Part No. K-14519-CP.  Other fittings including shower arm not included.