When it Rains it Pours.....

Is it Friday yet? I hope that you all had a great weekend?  I kinda miss it already.  But then again, I like coming back to a very full in-box too.

Remember that Morton commercial?  Something about raining and pouring and bad drainage and a blue box with something yellow on it.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I represent that commercial quite well now. 

Because I came home to not one.  Not two.  But three new projects to jump head first into.  Am I complaining?  No.  But I could use an assistant now.

And just in case you think they're going to be easy.... let me show you what they look like on the outside......

Santa Florencia - Will receive a full exterior treatment as well as a new kitchen and master suite.  Great things in store for this one.

Hartford - Luckily it was gutted when I saw it this afternoon.  Let's just say there isn't a surface that won't be touched.

Bloch - An exterior refresh and completion of the interior finishes.

Stick around the blog because we'll be posting progress shots. Not only that, we might just give away a few tips along the way.

Am I crazy?  I must be....

Someone pass me a drink.

And by the way.... why haven't you registered for our Giveaway yet?  You know you want a new showerhead.  And it's taking up room on my desk.