Living in a Nutshell - Could you do it?

Living here in Southern California we have no shortage of gargantuan living spaces.  Big apartments, bigger condos and really big houses. Granted I don't live in one of those self-proclaimed McMansions (my little bungalow is a measly 1,010 square feet) I do take great pride in knowing that I have multiple rooms in which I can spend my waking hours.  Watch tv in the living room.  Eat in a real dining room (when we do actually eat there), and work in a walled off office with a gen-U-ine door.  Yes kiddies, I said a door.

We've talked about downsizing, taking up residence in a smaller space downtown.  Maybe a loft. One big room with a separate bathroom and kitchen that I can go a little nuts with and carve out new spaces weekly (Steve still cringes at that idea).  But in the end, every time we look we tend to cringe a little when we hear square footages.  600 square feet.  725 square feet. 800 square feet. They seem so small when the thought of just how much we've accumulated over the years comes to mind.

Where would I store my six different sets of china?  What would happen to the 7'-0" artificial Christmas tree we have in the garage (sidenote: I actually can't sleep in an enclosed space with a real pine tree; kicks my allergies into high gear and I'm all bah humbug).  How about 10 years of Interior Design magazine?  Am I that attached to my stuff? Yes dammit!

Anyway, amidst all this introspection it beguiles me to think of living in anything smaller than the little bungalow in which we already reside.

But then..... I manage to run across something that bewilders me.  Confuses me.  Puts me in awe of another individual.


Like this New Yorker.... who lives in 78 square feet.  No kiddies, I didn't go all typo on you and forget the zero.  That's a seven and an eight.  And that's it.  And although his plan of attack and sense of organization are genius, I can't help but think that maybe he should be padding the walls because an entire apartment that size (and I don't mean just his bedroom) would drive me a little batty.  A little nuts.  They'd be carting me off in a straight jacket and the Ghostbuster's ambulance.

Take a peek a the video via Grist and tell me.... could you live in 78 square feet?