You're Fired - Acceptable Reason #238

I realized today that I live in Southern California. Not because we've got sunny beaches and bikini clad girls year round.  Not because of insane traffic on the 5 freeway most any time of the day. Not because our housing prices are through the roof even in a down economy.

But because I was fired today.  And not because I screwed up or worse.

Tuesday I posted a little post about the multitude of homes that we've started working on here at D.Coop.  Hartford, the little house that could.  Bloch, the refresh and more.  And Santa Florencia, the half house gut remodel that would be getting a new outlook on life.

As today would have it, my client called to inform me that they would be canceling escrow on their new home.  We haven't started getting crazy yet with exception to determining which joists the termites had made their lunch and starting to plan the deck reconstruction, though we were definitely on the fast track.

To make a long story short, when purchasing your new home and the price reduction is seriously more than others in the neighborhood (like a $300,000 price reduction) you may want to ask two simple questions:

"Who Died?"

And more importantly....


Because you may find that the absolutely pristine Subzero 42" refrigerator in the kitchen contained the head of a 60 year old woman just a year prior.

And that, is Acceptable Reason #238 for being fired.