Cleaning Up - Announcing our 1st Giveaway Winner

Apparently there are a lot of dirty people on the internet. I know this because when I said I was giving away a great new water saving showerhead from the fine people at Kohler (you have to hold onto your suspenders, rock on your heels and say it with a southern drawl), I had quite the response.

At last count (not easy to do after a margarita.... or two) there were 43 entries submitted in our first every D.Coop Bloggie giveaway.

Guess who won?  Ok if you were watching Twitter last night about 9:15 pm you already know but still.....

Drum roll.....

You call that a drum roll?

That's right.  One Ms. Lindsay here in Southern California. The great thing about Ms. Linz is she is a pretty stellar graphic designer (you probably saw her work in Emily Henderson's Holiday gift guide) not to mention a great all around gal. Check out her work and her blog.

Sorry mom, you didn't win.  Next time.

Thanks again to Kohler for providing D.Coop with the great showerhead to send up to Lindsay!