#Project Hartford - Now the Fun Can Begin

On any remodel there are a number of favorite moments. The moment when the client signs the contract and hands you the retainer fee. The moment when they have that "AHA!" moment and the design clicks. Or the moment when you hand the keys back to the client and let them enjoy their fully finishes *fill in the blank*.

But over time, one of my favorite moments is that period after the majority of the demolition has occurred.  The debris removed. That moment where you can walk through the blank slate of a space and know that something decent is finally going to happen in this now gutted space.

Earlier this week, that moment occurred at Hartford, the single family house in San Diego with the hideous mansard roof (more on that mansard roof in another post). The client and I had been going over kitchen and bathroom layouts using the basis that we'd be removing it all. Right down to the studs.

And within a day, just like that, it was all gone.

The appliances and cabinets and drywall and hideous tile counters were gone.  Zap.  A distant memory in the back of a very big dumpster.

Bliss.  Pure and utter bliss.  Can I just say that where there is nothing in the space it looks sooooo much bigger!

And now that we've settled on the layout?  Permit time.....

The real fun can begin.