Ikea - All Grown Up

Once the poster child for disposable furniture, the quintessential college dorm set, the mainstay of every newlywed/newlygraduated/virgin apartment owner everywhere, has grown up. Gone are the days when Ikea was known simply as a flatpack nightmare. Sure, they still have undecipherable instructions and quite typically Boot Camp instructors have included assembling bookcases and dressers as part of their routines, but Ikea is slowly, surely seeping into high end decorative interiors.  And I don't just mean my own.

You're beginning to see it everywhere.  From the pages of Elle Decor to the multitude of photos on Apartment Therapy.  Designers everywhere are playing on the quirk and taking advantage of Ikea's budget friendly, modernist designs to round out there own super cool interiors.  I'll admit, I've done it too.  I have a grouping of LACK sidetables in my living room as a substitute for a giant coffee table.  It works and know one is the wiser that I spent 50 bucks without dumpster diving or being exposed to the potential dangers that is known as Craigslist. CL isn't that bad but for story we're taking dramatic license....

Don't believe me?  Still think that Ikea should be left to the college dorm?  Take a peek at these examples and see if they change your mind..... And tell me, Would you use Ikea flatpack to round out your client's designs?

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D.Coop was not compensated for this post.  Though I do have a number of blisters and bruises from the Ikea Allen Wrench.