Support a Starving Blogger - Buy My Postcards! <3

What happens when you give me a camera, put me on a beach and then make me tweet late night with couture stationer Angel Robinson? If you said "Trouble" you're only partially right.

If you guessed "Postcards" you win the grand prize.**

Angel and I have known each other for a number of months.  Actually closer to a year.  And even though we've never actually met in person, AT&T thinks we're family.  Thank goodness for NationWide Unlimited plans!  I believe that for 11 of those 12 months she's been trying to, begging to, pleading pretty please for me to share some of the images that I've been hoarding.  I've always held back simply because I'm not the photographer everyone thinks I am.  But I finally relented.

And the result? A line of postcards.

[cue Sarah McLaughlin]

But not just any postcards.  Bona Fide awesome postcards featuring seven amazeballs images of Coronado.  And guess what... you can support not one but two starving bloggers by jumping over to the WriteRobinson Zazzle store and ordering a few (hundred) of them for yourself!   By ordering just one of these wonderfully printed cards you can feed a blogger for a day (it might be bad food but still.....).

Alright.... I'll stop giving you puppy dog eyes and show a couple images instead....

**The grand prize, by the way, is my love and undying affection for years to come. We're a blog on a budget so you'll have to settle for just that.