Mama Needed Some Sleep But....

It's been quiet round these parts hasn't it?  I mean aside from my constant rambling and oversharing of information on Twitter (seriously you guys had to be around for today's NestChat with the infamous Lola since we ended up talking about the virtues of the Australian Olympic Swim Team.... yeah, you know what I'm talking about) I've actually been rather speechless when it comes to filling in the ranks.

So I owe you a few posts. 

How about I just share some virtual champagne with you and we call it a day.  HA!

I assure you that all this quiet is worth it.

I'm writing up a storm.  I'm drinking a ton (crap, had to rewrite that since I had originally typed "drunking".  I seriously need to stop drinking those late night margaritas!). And working up a "shitton" (call Webster....) of new content.  Not to mention that there is a new website in the works AND the starts of DCoopMedia, the newest arms (or legs?) of the DCoop family of companies.

So anyway... have your first cup of coffee.  Do a little work.  And tune back in over the next few days to see and learn about some of the craziness I call the blog.