The Closet - Shoelaces & Anchors

Now let me say first and foremost that I have a tiny closet. Remember that video I posted a few weeks back?  New York's tiniest real estate?  My closet is the size of his apartment.


Actually, my little bungalow was built in 1915 so yes, my closet is a bit on the smallish size.  I blame it on smaller people back at the turn of the century. They must've been.  Had to have been.  Maybe that explains why my doors are so narrow as well.  Makes you think.

Anyway.... now that we've got the pleasantries out of the way, welcome to Tuesday and the very first installment of The Closet.  That's right, the DCoop Bloggie is no longer a fashion virgin.  I love me a little fashion.  And I'm always looking for an excuse to add to my not quite overflowing closet.  So The Closet is your chance to catch a sneak peek into not only my mini shopping sprees, but also wonderful artisan made pieces and my little finds (some of which might just make it to the DCoopHome Etsy site).

And ladies.... I love ya but The Closet will focus on the guys.  I know I know.

So today?

Well I've been a bit bad.  In preparation for the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance next month, my fingers are doing a little shopping.  I just can't help myself.  The vintage vehicles can't be the only thing well dressed in Monterey this year!

Gens du Monde is a Toronto based company.  All of their bracelets and necklaces are nautical inspired. When I ran across the anchor bracelet I couldn't help myself.  I knew I had to have one.  Let's just hope that it doesn't get snaked in customs.

Gold Anchor Bracelet in Grey - $28.00

Gens du Monde

Sometime ago I ran across a photo on Pinterest of a pair of Wing-Tips with colored laces. My Louis Vuittons just have the plain ole' black waxed laces.  So I scoured every store I could think of in San Diego looking for colored laces.  Finally.  Finally!  California company Hook + Albert, known mostly for their well fitted men's socks, have made my day!  And guess what?  Now the Louis will have pink flambe laces for the next tradeshow.

Dress Shoelaces, 30", Lake Blue & Pink Flambe - $14.00

Hook + Albert

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