DCoop Sourcebook - Feizy's Arushi Collection

No no, this Sourcebook is not about something that may or may not have been from a version of Mario Brothers. I've probably already made you want pizza and maybe to go out and squash some mushroom looking creatures in order to save a princess horribly dedicated to the color pink.

I apologize for my moment of nerdiness right there.


Remember those rag rugs that grandma used to make for the log cabin?  Hers were probably in hideous colors and felt worse on bare feet than a Brillo pad on stainless steel cookware.  That wasn't such a pleasant memory was it?  What if said rag rug was in bright, effervescent colors and woven from silk?  Pinch me because it might be a dream.

In the word's of Pedro, Feizy will "make all of your wildest dreams come true".

The Arushi Collection, from Feizy's Home collection, offers effortless style and casual comfort (those are their words, not mine).  Personally I'm thinking it's grandma's bungalow meets 21st century awesomeness all wrapped up in a hemp bow.  I'm hoping that sounded like a compliment.  Four sizes (the pre-requisites up to 8'x11'), six colors (including Orange... HAWT!), and woven in India with recycled Kela silk, the collection makes for a pretty cool addition to the modern Undecorated home. Not to mention the pricing is extremely competitive for a handmade rug.

Designer Tip: Think of these rugs as a true pop in an otherwise monochromatic space.  Personally I'm seeing white linen slipcovers and limed oak furniture in a simple setting using the Aqua as a major foot friendly focal point.  They're a true burst of color that would be crazy easy to change out for the seasons.

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