Hue Injections - The Cure for Chromophobia

*Cue late night infomercial music* Do you suffer from Chromophobia?

Does color scare you so badly you run from the room with your hands over your ears screaming at the top of your lungs like a Pomeranian seeing the mailman for the first (or thirtieth) time anytime someone (like your designer) pulls out a fan deck?

Does the term Pantone illicit night terrors that ensure your husband has bruises behind his knees from all of the kicking?

Does the sales lady at Bloomingdales know you as the "Lady in White" because you haven't bought colored linens since the Nixon administration?

Fear not my pigmentally challenged readers because I'm here to help you.

Or make it worse.  I can't help all of you.


So just what is a girl to do when she desperately needs a shot of color but can't get past the single most annoying shade in the entire world (antique white and it's variants.....)?

Funny you should ask.....

Start Small

I know that everyone says Go Big or Go Home. And normally I'm all for the "just jump in the pool feet first and experience the shock once instead of over and over and over and...." But I totally understand.  Sometimes it's scary.  It's like standing at the top of the bunny slope with a snowboard strapped to your feet and hoping to the Holy Baby Jesus that you don't hit another person or, worse, the one lone tree on the entire slope that some nitwit left when they designed the course.  It's like cooking for your Mother-in-law for the very first time.

Normally the advice is to buy a pillow or an accessory or ... that embodies the color that you think you may or may not want to commit to.  Sure this is fun and all but it's sort of like taking a car on a test drive - no real reason to commit unless you're somehow overly lazy and forget to return it.  Paint is another trick we designers use to get a little commitment out of our clients since once it's on the wall who really wants to go back and paint over neon green?  Not me. Because I wear more of said paint than I put on the wall. I can't help it.

So I like to take it just one step further.  I will sew and/or laquer the damn color right into your furniture.  Aha! True commitment! What are you going to do?  Have your eight foot sofa reupholstered when I leave?  Gonna lug the rather expensive lounge chair out to the garage because you're afraid you may be swallowed in to the space that always manages to collect enough change to bail out Greece?  Or to at least buy you a McD's cheeseburger.

As my other half would say, Simmah Down Now.

I'm not going to push you off the deep end and force you to cover every square inch of something in one deep vibrant color.  I'm not that mean. Well... most days anyway.  BUT... we're going to find one detail and we're going to go all gangbusters.

A keyhole opening in the side of a wingchair upholstered in a swatch of deep teal.

The underside of a table leg deliciously picked out in red like the underside of a Louboutin heel.

The stitching of a white cotton sofa hemmed in tangerine.

See where I'm going with this?  It's less "get married on the first date" and more "I'll meet your parents but I'm still keeping my apartment".  Semi-commitment without the 1-carat emerald cut diamond.

And it might actually make you step just a little further outside of your comfort zone.

Or you'll hate me.

And then you'll leave me anonymous comments at which point I'll comment back and we'll have to make up over Twitter.

And it's hard to make up in 140 characters.

*Shameless Self Promotion Below*

Looking for a Hue Injection of your own?  Give me a shout and let me help take the phobia out of incorporating color.  Or maybe I'll be adding the "Homo" in "Chromo".  Either way....

All images via DCoopMedia except [4]