DCoop Sourcebook - Arteriors Ziggy Pendants

Is it me or when you hear the name Ziggy do you also think of the really short comic book character with the big nose and the very lanky cat?

I thought so.

I was hoping I wasn't the only mentally unstable one on the internet.

Because that would be a travesty if I were.

So lighting.  You know that lighting is one of my loves.  A passion perhaps.  Not much of a fetish but I have felt bad about making googly eyes at pendants with seductive lines.  Like the hammered iron Ziggy Pendant Arteriors has decided to wave in front of me. I think they knew and were taunting me with it's fabric cord (hello!  A Fabric Cord. I. Die.) and dimply gloss white powder coat finish.  And then there was that peep show of hammered brass under it's otherwise demure exterior.

That's right.  I said brass. 

Because Arteriors knows that Brass Kicks Ass.

Enough already.  Because I'm starting to feel like a boy reading his first issue of Playboy.

For the articles.

Just the articles.

Designer Tip: Remember months ago when I said to subtly introduce brass into your home for a bit of warmth?  Yeah.  This is the way to do it.  I'm thinking a grouping over the dining table to really give your diners a beautiful glow whilest gorging on an amazeballs homemade meal.  Or maybe to distract them from the burnt pumpkin pie (I'm speaking from experience).

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