DCoop Sourcebook - Crossville Oxide Collection

Ok so I know that we've been stressing for years that smaller is better.

But listen.  I'm a size queen.

I love me some Big.....


of Tile. 

What did you think I was going to say?  Get your mind out of the gutter.  I'm going to have to keep an eye on you.

Anyway, so imagine my surprise when what should show up in my email but a big panel of oxidized goodness.  *Insert Blanche DuBois accent* Crossville and their subdivision Laminam (which made a big hit at this year's Neocon in Chicago) has gone metal.  Or at least it looks like it anyway.  Seven colors, including the creamy Perla, unadulterated Bianco, and the sexy Nero, make up the Oxide Collection of one meter by three meter (approx. 3'-4" x 10'-0")  porcelain panels which I must remind you are a mind blowing 3mm thick.  Think of it this way.... one big panel, one little cost.

But remember... it isn't so much the size that matters.  But what you do with it.

And I'd do a whole lot with this one.

Designer Tip: We all love the look of solid surface wall treatments.  Who doesn't want an entire shower covered with carrara marble?  But the cost.... it's enough to break any remodeler's budget.  Try this instead.  The panels are simple to install, lightweight (so they don't require any major structural components) and can be installed OVER most substrates including existing wood, tile or painted walls. 

Crossville | Available to the Trade | www.crossvilleinc.com

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