Scout at Quarters D - A Shopping Excursion

For years I've been telling people I wanted my own TV show.

Bravo's Andy Cohen ignores my tweets.  HGTV just giggles. DIY thinks I'm some crack case who drinks too much (though doesn't that describe half of their hosts?)

But finally!  I get my 15.... er 3 minutes, 19 seconds of fame. 


D'Scoop had the extreme pleasure of getting up close and personal with the gang at Scout at Quarters D.  I'm a huge fan of their shop if only because I sooooo want to just move into any one of their rooms (they've even got a kitchen....), take my shoes off, and blog from their awesomely designed, so cool vignettes.  I think I was creeping out poor Paul (le proprietaire....) as I'd try to find another corner to hide in.  I couldn't help it, though.  I wanted one of just about everything. 

There were probably moments of just too much glee and it's quite possible I had to be frisked on my way out.  Maybe. 

Just possibly.

Enjoy our little moment of bliss brought to you by the awesome San Diego Premier Magazine, Paul Scott Silvera of Scout, and David Hebble (our fab film master!).

Scout at Quarters D

NTC at Liberty Station, Point Loma

2675 Rosecrans Street . San Diego