Blanco Crystalline Sinks - A Tiny Tale #DScoopSourcebook

Being out here in Southern California, I am always enamored with tales of tiny living. 

People living in 75 square foot boxes.

The Smart Car.

See out here in the land of the giant home, a place where McMansion barely describes half of our real estate, and a locale where even homes meant as "affordable living" were upwards of 3,000 square feet, I love me a good small space.  I've pared down to a reasonable 1,000 square feet of it myself by way of a 1915 Craftsman bungalow.  So it should come as no surprise that one of my biggest complaints with the luxury market, especially as it concerned products with the home, was their infatuation with size. 

I too am a size queen, but in my few short years I've found that it isn't about the size so much as the function.  Take that as you will.


Which is why it pleases me to no end to see that BLANCO, a sink manufacturer well known for their highly engineered sinks and faucetry, has introduced as part of their 2012 line-up, the Crystalline Series of sinks.  The great thing that BLANCO has going for it is that they are a European company - German to be exact.  And as most of us know, not only are the Euros the ones to follow in kitchen trends but that their kitchens are about the size of a postage stamp.  See they respect their old buildings (unlike so many on American soil) and shoehorn with great success, functional workspaces into the most unlikely of corners.

So what makes this Crystalline Series so special?  Firstly the size.  At just 17.5" wide and 20.5" long, it's no bigger than most secondary prep sinks allowing it to fit in 24" wide base cabinets, while still allowing a full depth.  Think Manhattan apartment, Santa Monica casita, Airstream kitchen.  What else you ask?  *With Vanna arms* it comes with a glass cover meaning that when it's not in use, you've gained 2.5 additional square feet of countertop space.  BLANCO says it's for hiding dirty dishes - I say it's extra room for the liquor when it comes to after (or pre-) dinner drinks.  There are a few other features, like the integrated tray for storing sponges or those pesky silver polishing toothbrushes and the pop up strainer so you don't have to put your hand in dirty water to allow it to drain.


But let's talk about that glass cover again.  I'm thinking you keep the Coronas on ice below and chop up the limes on top.  What?  Too early?

Side note: BLANCO is proudly sponsoring not only the ultra fabulous BlogTour Cologne Group but also a select group of their Design Council members.  Oh my....Germany will not know what hit them this year!

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