There Once was a Man Named Hendricks

If there is one thing I can reasonably expect it is that as a semi-attractive (if I toot my own horn) gay male, it is that I'll more than likely drink for free. 

It just comes with the territory.  There is always someone trying to fill my glass. (Hello?  I'm a blonde!)

Luckily I'm no whore.

Most days anyway.  There are exceptions.


Anyway... this past week one particularly striking gent whispered sweet nothings into my ear and although I managed to keep my pants on, it was difficult not to want to take him home and just smother myself with his rosy essence.  Maybe it was his timeless shape.  Or maybe it was the way all of his parts came together in one complex aroma of desire that had me quickly begging for more.  Or could it have been, as it is so eloquently put, that he claims "no kind of moral high ground". 

His name was Hendricks.

And he was just begging to teach me tricks I'd never been taught before. I used cucumber in ways I thought not humanely possible.  I enjoyed a touch of the Orient with green tea in places I'd not imagined.  Used a block of ice in a group effort.

I have you swooning don't I? You're turned on too?

So it should come as no surprise that when sweet nothings and the rumour of an Academy fell beyond this man's lips, I answered.  I won't share all of the details (I never kiss and tell....) save to say that I remained a lady through the entire process, without showing even a hint of petticoat. 

Brand Ambassador and self proclaimed master mixologist Mark Stoddard had us wanting for nothing, whipping seemingly basic ingredients together with surprising dexterity into concoctions that might actually result in my eventual demise.  And of course, who could not forget his own whispers where the words still, distillery, distillation and gin came across like adjectives in a Danielle Steel novel. 

I De-Clare!

I must stop before I give myself the vapours. 


And then it was over and all that was left besides the remnants of our short fling and a sink-ful of soiled glassware, was a recipe. 

Cucumber Lemonade

3 Parts Hendrick's Gin
2 Parts Fresh Lemon Juice
2 Parts Simple Syrup
2 Parts Sparkling Water

Combine all ingredients, give a gentle stir.  Top with sparkling water and garnish with a cucumber spear. Drink.

D'Scoop reminds our readers that though we're a lush, please enjoy these flings responsibly.  Which means wait to comment until after you've had three drinks.

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