Duke Suspension Lamp - #DScoopSourcebook

I'm going to Pleasuretown today.

I know, it's Monday and we're not really allowed.  In fact I believe that it may be forbidden to even attempt to go to Pleasuretown on a Monday morning.  I might need someone to fact check the rules but I'm pretty sure there are laws against my doing so.

Oh well.  Rules are meant to be broken.


Which is probably why I had a Ron Burgundy moment with the Duke Suspension Lamp from DelightFULL.  I mean it is kinda sexy don't you think?  Now sure, they describe it as groovy and for that I give them a slap on the wrist.  Quite simply because it's more than groovy.  It's Sweet Lincoln's Mullet, most likely because the gold they've chosen for certain details is more of a rose gold rather than the yellow brass we've come to mistake for gold.  It might also be because all of it's slim arms are height adjustable. 

Yeah, I'm in a glass case of emotion.

Designer Tip: If there is one little thing you can do to spice up that Southern California tract home you've been living in since before the crash of the housing market, it's to change out your lighting.  Builders love cheap, bland fixtures because, well, they're cheap and they're neutral.  Replace that satin nickel hanging bomb over your entry way, lose the tacky wrought iron eyesore over your dining room, and kill the "everyone from Home Depot has one" pendant over your kitchen island.  That'll show 'em!  

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