D'Scoop - It's Autoweek!

Vroom Vroom! 

Guess what gang.... It's Autoweek here on the blog.


If you haven't guessed by like half my posts, I'm kind of an auto freak.  Or Geek Or nerd.  Or maybe a combo of both.  And with the LA Auto show at full steam I couldn't resist but give you a little glimpse into just what goes on in my mind. 


It's craziness.  Times twelve.  Or Twelve point five.

Anyway... what's coming up?

Monday I'm giving you the Best of the LA Auto Show.

Tuesday?  Think vintage.  And Pebble Beach.

Wednesday.  Have a drink ready because we're covering the Bad.

And Friday?  Well that's the Ugly.  Because there was some seriously ugly this year.

As for the weekend, check out my Electric Vehicle coverage.  Times are a changin'!

Enjoy your Sunday and stay tuned!