Thinking of a Pool? Try these Nose-Bleed Inducers

Are you a food additive designer? 

Have you been developing a non-nutrient cereal varnish with not only coats but seals the flake?

Are you awaiting a Christmas bonus (and not one of the jelly kind?)?

Is a pool in your future?

Can you tell I've had a glass of wine (or two) and have apparently been watching The National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions AND don't yet think that I'm completely off my rocker (no shocker if you do) then I think you must take a peek at this little grouping of pools that are borderline insane.  Let's just put it this way.... these are not of the grass-killing, always-leaking, above-ground, useable-only-three-times-a-year variety.  In fact, they may have you rethinking that Christmas bonus (and renewing your visa).

Marina Bay Sands Resort | Infinity Pool
55 Floors above ground.  No visable edge.  You do the math.  Let's put it this way - this pool in Singapore puts a completely different spin on the term "The Deep End".
Photo Courtesy The Daily Mail

Sky Habitat
Architect Moshie Safdie has one crazed sense of humour.  38 Floors above the courtyard, the architect suspended another seemingly defying pool in the clouds.  Think of it as Russion Roulette - with nose bleeds.
Photo courtesy Sky Habitat

Aquaria Grande Tower
Mumbai, India
Forget the need to share a pool amongst all of the users of a single condominium complex, the Aquaria Grande Tower, in it's finishing stages, negates that need entirely but providing a glass-three-sided pool in each of it's units.  Competition among pool boys?
Photo Courtesy Architizer

Sky Condors
Lima, Peru
I've always been a fan of a little private time in a speedo.  Because who needs those big bulky trunks?  Which is probably why my favorite of the nose-bleed inducing pools is this by Mexican studio DCPP Architectos.
Photo Courtesy Dezeen

Holiday Inn
Shanghai, China
So you thought the Holiday Inn in Des Moines, Iowa was pretty hot?  Check. Mate. Shanghai has your French Toast bar beat with a cantilevered pool a mere twenty floors above ground.  Did I mention that it has a glass bottom?  Skinny dipping not recommended.
Photo Courtesy ABC News

So do you need a Kleenex yet?

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