LA Auto Show - The Good! #AutoWeek

It's Monday kiddies! 

Which means it's the official start of AutoWeek on D'Scoop!  Which means I'm going to drool over automotive design and there is nothing you can do about it. Well maybe except poison my gimlet.

I'm sure that all of you would rather I start with the uglies.  I mean who doesn't want to secretly snicker at a face that only a mother could love.  

But listen.... Mondays can already be sh*tty enough and I really don't want you all to be drunken by lunch time (even though a three-martini Monday lunch is like the best present evah...) so we're just going to dive into the best first and save the really crazy autos for Friday when it's perfectly acceptable to be three sheets to the wind by breakfast.

So on James!

The Focus Killer


Ok so let's be honest.  It's not very often that you're going to see me promote Mazda on this site.  I'm kind of a Euro-lover.  I can't help it.  But let's put it this way... the design team at Mazda is actually paying more attention to original, eye catching, for-the-masses design aesthetics than they are copying everyone else.  Granted the Miata still looks like a cloud figure from Super Mario Brothers but the Mazda CX-5 Urban concept removes the Pikachu component and replaces it with a little Ford Focus-killer stare.  I'm digging the tone on tone paint job, the giant 22 inch matte black wheels and the fact that the body work is more "less is more" than "just one more body flare".  it's clean.  It's put together well.  And this could actually be the compact crossover that actually competes with it's brethren rather than fills a segment.  Ford beware.....

Not Your EveryDay Filler


Normally I'd be ragging on any brand that introduced a car to try and fill a spot within their brand name that didn't necessarily need to be filled.  BMW introduced the 6 Gran Tourismo (another sedan?).  Chevy continues to pump out sedans of the rental car variety.  Buick still thinks their entire line is relevant (more on that later).  And normally I'm right.  But I am wrong sometimes.  And such is the case with the Porsche Cayman S, which made it's United States debut last week at the show.  I could go on and on about the specs and just what makes the Cayman so great but I'll leave it at this, it probably has one of the best asses in the automotive industry.  There.  I said it.  I'm an assman

A Superhero


Once upon a time Audi was at the apex of stale automotive designs.  To be frank, it was a blue moon over Atlantis when Audi would introduce an updated bit of technology into even their flagship sedans while their stylistic qualities were on par with say the half off rack of the Lerner's New York store in the mall across town that you only went to because you were there. *Longest metaphor on this blog....*  So shoot me.  But things have changed and not only has Audi grown into it's own but it's also taking the show by storm.  The Audi A7 TDI not only revs up the engines of every man around (grown or otherwise) but does so with an F-You to the typical high end gas guzzler.  Did I mention it's a diesel?  Yeah #FuelforThought.  

Side note.... you Mac users will dig the new touchpad tecnology available in the higher end Audi line up.  Nothing like being called to the mothership.

A Wet Dream


Notice the sexual inuendo?  Boys, remember as youths how we all had a poster of the Lamborghini Countach hanging on our walls?  Mine was white.  No, there was no scantily clad gal on the hood (even though technically the hood was at the rear).  Well guess what, Acura, the manufacturer that prides itself on created a pointier nose than last seasons' Jimmy Choos, has conjured up probably the best, most well designed concept at the LA Auto Show this year.  A well designed exotic supercar from the Asian market has been rarer than a unicorn lair in North Korea and so it comes as no surprise that the Acura NSX Concept drew more than it's fair share of compliments.  Among other things.  So granted it looks like an Audi R8 and an Aston Martin Virage had an ellicit affair and this was the baby born of wedlock, and it's hybrid AWD body is probably choc full of more technology than a Nasa janitor's closet, but this vehicle, if it hits market, will give the Europeans a serious run for the money.

Who cares about the cars...


Just for shits and giggles I want to give Volvo a shout out.  Once upon a time Volvo was the epitome of the soccer mom contingent.  A purchase automatically made you acceptable to child services even though you had a serious drinking habit and held your month NA meetings in your mom's basement.  All has changed and Volvo is putting out respectable pieces of Swedish engineering that are actually popular with the younger contingent. Shocker.  But seriously, they had the best design designed booth on the entire show floor.  Although, can I call it a booth when they actually transplanted a two-story showroom into the LA Convention Center?  Yeah... swanky. 

Enough with the good..... stay tuned right here because up next is the not so good.  I'm guessing the next post is the post that doesn't get retweeted by the car manufacturers. 

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