Blog Tour Cologne - A Lesson in German

I have been like a little girl with a secret the last couple of days.

Yes yes, I'm sure some of you have done your investigative ways and managed to deduce (aha!) that I'd be taking a little trip next month but now I can finally spill the proverbial beans.  So what is this secret you ask? 


Well D'Scoop is absolutely proud/thrilled/off the wall/insert-zany-adjective-here to have been chosen as part of this January's Blog Tour team to Cologne! 

It's true.... Veronika thought this here bloggie was appropriate enough to be part of the honoured group.  Apparently she didn't read about the cursing and drinking and common debauchery that goes on around these parts.  Whoops.  Hopefully the sponsors won't mind.

We'll talk about that later. 

So let's see.... what are the German words I'll need to know:

Wein = Wine (uh yes please....)

Wodka = Vodka (this will be easy)

Gin = Gin (well crap...)

Just don't call me a wench.....

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.