Pantone Announces 2013 Color of the Year

Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Well I'll get you my pretty.

Honestly I can't remember if that was a line from The Wizard of Oz or from my soundtrack from Good Morning Vietnam.  Let's be honest.... my naturally blonde locks make it kinda difficult to keep track of just exactly where the random quotations in my head happen to have been sourced.  I'm weird like that. 

So today, while eating a bowl of delicious Moose Tracks ice cream, I was delighted to find that Pantone had announced their 2013 Color of the Year.  Similarly I was disappointed when I found out what that color happened to be and monumentally crushed to see Pantone's proposed version of said color.  If you were paying attention to the opening line of this blog you might have an idea as to that color before I even announce it here. 

Did you say yellow?  Wrong.  Dead wrong.  Horribly wrong.  Where the hell do you get YOUR information?

It's ok.... I was wrong too.


As it turns out, the people behind the big desks and grey cubicles at Pantone have selected none other than 17-5641.  Or in layman's terms - Emerald. 

Now firstly, let me preface by saying that I walked the floors of seven interiors trade shows this year, read a gazillion blog posts, and listened to just as many designers talk about the colors they were mixing into their palettes and not a single solitary person said Emerald.  Sure there was a lot of green going on (I mean I did attend Greenbuild for goodness sakes) and yeah, jewel tones were a popular edit for small spaces.  BUT, for all intensive purposes I'd have thought ... oh... maybe yellow might have made that cut.  And not just yellow but a cheery intensive 1960's meets hippie pottery type of yellow.  Something that would make Jonathan Adler have to change his pants. 

But no.  Emerald.


Ok ok.  I can live with a sexy deep jewel of a color.  I love a good saturated green any day of the week.  I go gaga over Kelly Green and if anything has that same linen-ey tone as money I'm a happy f**king camper.  Tell me .... when you think of Emerald what comes to mind? 

Guess what.  You're wrong again.  See how this works.

I'm not doing this because I like saying you're wrong.  Even though I do.  And it's kinda fun.


I'm telling you this because Pantone has decided that No. 17-5641 (code named Emerald) is more of a lighter, greyer, washed-out over saturated version of what we all think Emerald is supposed to look like.  Personally I'd call their rendition Jadeite.  Or Jade.  Or University Hospital.  My favorite, though, is the buzz words that are being used to describe this "magical" color. Vivid (not really), powerful (still not buying it), multi-faceted (ok I'll give them this one), lively (wrong again). 


So I'm thinking there must be some sort of color lobby where lobbyists with bad hair make back pocket donations to get their color selected to the highest ranks.  Either that or over at the Pantone offices there must be some serious dart throwing going on over multiple bottles of bad Chardonnay and what can only be presumed to be last night's Chinese takeout. 

There.  I said it.  Though just to be a good sport... I did throw in a photo or two. (See, I CAN play nice)

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